Bellatoria Ultimate Supreme Ultra Thin Crust Pizza Review

Bellatoria Ultimate Supreme Ultra Thin Crust Pizza

We love frozen pizza here at Freezer Meal Frenzy, and we’re always on the hunt for our next favorite pie. So we thought we’d start looking into the Bellatoria line of frozen pizzas, which we’ve actually not tried at all before today.

So we picked up the Bellatoria Ultimate Supreme Ultra Thin Crust Pizza, and that’s what’s on today’s menu. We should point out that Bellatoria is owned by Bernatello’s, which also owns the Lotzza Motzza brand. There’s a world of difference between Bellatoria and Lotzza Motzza, so we were surprised to learn they were both Bernatello’s brands.

Now, we’ve been so used to cooking Lotzza Motzza pizzas, which contain a half pound of cheese per pizza and require a longer cook time, that we were surprised to see 13 to 17 minutes for a cook time here. That just means we won’t have to wait 20 minutes or more to cook this, and we’re grateful for that, as we’re pretty hungry! (If you want to read the full cooking instructions, check out our package scans at the bottom of this review.)

Bellatoria Ultimate Supreme Ultra Thin Crust Pizza

Let’s talk about this crust. This is advertised as having an “Ultra Thin Crust,” though we don’t think it’s any thinner than your average thin-crust pizza. The crust is crispy around the edges, but the middle section reminds us of a Totino’s pizza — it’s sort of crispy, but also wafery and almost spongey.

On top of the crust you’ve got a tomato paste that’s rich and sweet, though it lacks the spiciness that we’ve grown accustomed to after eating so many Lotzza Motzza pizzas. It’s actually sweet in a way that, again, reminds us of Totino’s — we’d say that sugary is maybe a better term than sweet. And that gives the pizza an overall weirdness that’s hard to describe. It’s not bad; it’s just a little bit odd.

This is an “Ultimate Supreme” pizza, which in Bellatoria terms means it includes sausage, pepperoni, bell peppers, black olives, and onions. There are no mushrooms here, unfortunately, though what’s here is pretty decent. Our only complaint is that the onion portion is maybe a bit too much (we would have gladly traded some of those onions for mushrooms).

We do have to say that we’re satisfied by the amount of cheese here. While this is definitely not a Lotzza Motzza pizza, it also doesn’t skimp on cheese like so many of the other frozen pizzas we’ve tried.

And this next point doesn’t matter at all, but we’ll mention it anyway: Because this is a thin-crust pizza, we thought we’d cut this into squares instead of triangles. Fun, right?

Bellatoria Ultimate Supreme Ultra Thin Crust Pizza

A serving size is a quarter of a pizza, and that contains 360 calories (200 from fat) and 910 mg of sodium. While that’s not as bad as some of the pizzas we’ve tasted, it’s not super diet-friendly.

The Bellatoria Ultimate Supreme Ultra Thin Crust Pizza is a decent pizza, albeit a cheap-tasting one. Considering these pizzas are priced similarly to DiGiorno’s, we’d say that DiGiorno is going to be a better option. If you can save a buck or two by picking Bellatoria over DiGiorno (perhaps one is on sale while the other is not), then Bellatoria becomes a much more attractive offer, but it’s hard to recommend them over DiGiorno when they’re priced the same.

To learn more about the nutrition content, ingredients, or cooking instructions for this frozen pizza, check out our package scans below.

Bellatoria Ultimate Supreme Ultra Thin Crust Pizza
Bellatoria Ultimate Supreme Ultra Thin Crust Pizza
Bellatoria Ultimate Supreme Ultra Thin Crust Pizza
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