LaunchBox Poppin’ Pepperoni & Jack Sandwiches Review

LaunchBox Poppin' Pepperoni & Jack Sandwiches

We love sandwiches, but aside from your standard breakfast options, sandwiches seem to be somewhat rare in the frozen food world (though not entirely absent). So when we first picked up a box of LaunchBox sandwiches, we didn’t really know what to expect. After having checked out the official LaunchBox website (and having tasted a couple different flavor options), we’ve learned that these are mostly made for kids. These are a lunch option that is easy to pack for school, yet not big enough to satisfy grown-up appetites.

So as we head into our review for the LaunchBox Poppin’ Pepperoni & Jack sandwiches, we know what to expect by this point. We won’t be too surprised by the basic premise or size of these sandwiches.

These come four in a box. Each sandwich comes packaged in a colorful wrapper, which keeps it sealed and fresh. Well, hypothetically. The fresh part actually isn’t guaranteed here, as we found out with the Kickin’ Chicken Cheddar sandwiches.

LaunchBox Poppin' Pepperoni & Jack Sandwiches

These didn’t end up as stale as the chicken version, but they weren’t as fresh as we would have liked. The outside of the bread is kind of dry and crispy, which is definitely not appealing.

The bread is a wheat bread disguised as a white bread. It tastes more like a generic white bread, which is unfortunate for adults with refined sandwich palates, but it might be a better option for kids.

LaunchBox Poppin' Pepperoni & Jack Sandwiches

The pepperoni flavor is kind of muted, despite the fact that there’s actually a pretty thick layer of it (as you can see in the image above). Again, this is probably a choice made in service of the target audience, as we adults would have loved a bit more kick.

The whole sandwich feels surprisingly dry. There’s no condiment here, so we decided to add a little bit of mayo. This improves the quality of the sandwich (in both flavor and consistently) quite a bit. We’d actually recommend packing a mayo packet along with one of these sandwiches if you’re tossing it into a lunchbox.

One sandwich contains 190 calories and 430 mg of sodium. They’re pretty tiny, so while the calorie count isn’t outrageous, that sodium level kind of is. Keep in mind that a grown human could easily eat this whole box in a sitting (each LaunchBox sandwich is slightly larger than a quarter of a regular sandwich). If you pack these with lunch for your kids, make sure they have some sides to fill them up.

The LaunchBox Poppin’ Pepperoni & Jack sandwiches are the best of the LaunchBox sandwiches we’ve tried so far, but they’re certainly not perfect. With a little bit of mayo, though, they do end up making for a pretty decent snack.

To learn more about the nutrition content or ingredients in these LaunchBox frozen sandwiches, check out our package scan below.

LaunchBox Poppin' Pepperoni & Jack Sandwiches
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