Trader Joe’s Strawberry Mochi Review

Trader Joe's Strawberry Mochi

The Trader Joe’s freezer aisle is a constant source of joy for us. Whether we’re in the mood for burgers, fried rice, or seasonal delights, we’ll almost always find something new and exciting to satisfy our appetites.

But one shouldn’t forget about dessert options. Trader Joe’s frozen dessert selection is vast, filled with great options that will put a sweet tooth to rest. One of those options is the Trader Joe’s Strawberry Mochi, which we’re reviewing today. We’ve already checked out the Coffee Mochi and the Mango Mini Mochi, so we’re excited to see how the strawberry version compares to its cold, sweet brethren.

This dessert comes in a box of six, and there’s an egg-carton-like plastic container that keeps them all separated. This container didn’t prevent a couple of our mochi balls from freezing together, we should point out.

Trader Joe's Strawberry Mochi

If you’ve never had mochi before, the texture might seem kind of weird to you. The outside is made from a rice-based, gummy-like dough, which means it’s not really cold to the touch. You might be surprised when you pop this into your mouth how not-cold it is (considering it’s filled with ice cream).

The shell, since it’s made from rice, also has a weird consistency that breaks apart in your mouth (whereas a gummy would have a tendency to stay in one piece, even as it breaks down). This also makes mochi a little strange for some people.

But whether you like the consistency or not (our reviewers are mixed on this), the flavor here is delicious. The outer shell has a super-sweet strawberry gummy flavor, while the inside is tasty strawberry ice cream. The strawberry flavor is really intense in the gummy shell, but pretty muted in the actual ice cream, though they blend together really well.

Trader Joe's Strawberry Mochi

One mochi ball will run you 80 calories, which really isn’t bad for a frozen dessert. You might be tempted to grab seconds or thirds, though, so be careful and try to practice some restraint. (Or don’t; we’re not your parents!)

The Trader Joe’s Strawberry Mochi makes for a tasty, fruit-infused treat to enjoy as a sweet snack or dessert. While some might wince at the strange consistency of rice dough, there’s a lot to enjoy here for people who don’t mind that.

To learn more about the nutrition content or ingredients in this frozen mochi, check out our package scan below.

Trader Joe's Strawberry Mochi
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