Stouffer’s Mac & Cheese Bites Review

Stouffer's Mac & Cheese Bites

“Do you ever worry that you review too much mac and cheese?” someone might ask. If we ever did get asked this, our response would be, “Of course not! We love mac and cheese, and so do you!” There are so many variations on this cheesiest of dishes, and we will never stop reviewing them so long as new ones keep getting made.

And new ones are getting made, as evidenced by the Stouffer’s Mac & Cheese Bites, which we’re reviewing today. This batch of cheesy balls isn’t your traditional macaroni dish, but these are loaded up with elbow pasta and gobs of creamy cheese sauce. We’re excited to dig in!

Cooking these is pretty easy, and it takes less time than we were expecting. Simply preheat the oven to 450 degrees fahrenheit, put the cheese balls on a baking sheet, then pop them into the oven. Flip the macaroni bites after about nine minutes, then cook them for about three more minutes so they get crisp around the edges.

Stouffer's Mac & Cheese Bites

Mac and cheese bites aren’t a complicated dish. They’re usually just gobs of gooey mac and cheese inside a shell of breading. These are no exception, but since they use Stouffer’s already-great mac and cheese as the core ingredient, these actually turn out better than some of the others we’ve tried. In fact, we’d take these over the Trader Joe’s version any day.

This is mainly because the cheese filling is so rich and flavorful. It’s creamy with a sharp cheddar bite that makes every bite sing. The outer shell has a lovely crispiness to it, and while the cheese filling is the star of the flavor show, the shell doesn’t taste too shabby either.

These are not made for dieters, though. There are 220 calories and 349 mg of sodium in just three cheese bites, which means these are definitely designed to be a side dish rather than something you’d make a meal of. If you try to eat the whole box in one sitting, you’re looking at over 1,000 calories!

The Stouffer’s Mac & Cheese Bites make for a really great snack for those who want to feel a little cheesy. They’re a bit high in calories, but they taste great. In fact, these are probably our favorite frozen macaroni bites yet.

To learn more about the nutrition content, ingredients, or cooking instructions for these Stouffer’s frozen snacks, check out our package scans below.

Stouffer's Mac & Cheese Bites
Stouffer's Mac & Cheese Bites
Stouffer's Mac & Cheese Bites
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