Good & Gather Thin Crust Roasted Vegetable Pizza Review

Good & Gather Thin Crust Roasted Vegetable Pizza

When Target scrapped the Archer Farms brand (as well as Simply Balanced) to replace it with the Good & Gather line, we knew it was inevitable that we’d be reviewing their frozen lineup. And once we started digging into the Good & Gather offerings, it was just a matter of time before we got into their frozen pizza line (we did get partway through the Archer Farms pizzas before the brand got the axe).

Well, the day of pizza reckoning is upon us, folks, for today we’re checking out the Good & Gather Thin Crust Roasted Vegetable Pizza.

This is a simple thing to cook, so anyone who’s cooked a frozen pizza before should have no trouble with this. Simply preheat your oven to 425 degrees Fahrenheit, then pop the pizza in for about 15 minutes. The packaging says to cook this directly on the oven rack, but we always use a baking sheet for our pizzas.

Good & Gather Thin Crust Roasted Vegetable Pizza

We should point out that our crust ended up not quite as crispy as a normal thin-crust pizza. This might be due to the baking sheet, but we think the vegetables are partially to blame here. This particular blend of veggies — mushrooms, onions, and peppers — tends to produce a lot of moisture when cooked, and that leads to a crust that’s a little damp in the center.

That said, we’re actually a little disappointed in how scant the veggie portion is. While there were a few spots on our pizza where veggies sort of clumped together, there were other places that were barren of veggies.

As far as quality, though, these veggies are really good. They’re not perfect, by any means, but they do have a lovely roasted flavor, and the mushrooms don’t taste like they came out of a can (which is too often the case with frozen pizzas).

The sauce here is pretty good. It’s a sweeter sauce with slightly acidic undertones, which makes it taste maybe a little bit cheap, though not really in a bad way. This just tastes more like a sauce with a lower price point than a higher one, though not enough to really ruin the pizza. It’s just something we noticed.

Parmesan sort of steals the show in the cheese department. While there is a blend here of mozzarella, asiago, romano, and parmesan, the parm contributes the most to the flavor profile. This pizza does taste pretty parmesan-heavy, though the slightly sour undertones of asiago will eventually come through (which we really, really love).

Good & Gather Thin Crust Roasted Vegetable Pizza

This isn’t terrible in the calorie department, with just 260 calories per serving. That same amount of pizza contains about 700 mg of sodium. Keep in mind this is for a third of a pizza, and we think that a half is probably a better serving size. If you go with half a pizza, you’re up to 390 calories and 1,050 mg of sodium. That’s a bit high, but not bad compared to, say, a Lotzza Motzza pizza.

The Good & Gather Thin Crust Roasted Vegetable Pizza is a pretty tasty pie. It’s not without its issues, but none of those issues are dealbreakers for us. We would have loved a more robust veggie portion and more mozzarella cheese to make it a little more stretchy and a little less parmesan-heavy, but what’s here is still very enjoyable.

To learn more about the nutrition content, ingredients, or cooking instructions for this frozen pizza, check out our package scans below.

Good & Gather Thin Crust Roasted Vegetable Pizza
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sj gilday
sj gilday
1 year ago

soo tastless….so disappointing!!!!

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