Scott & Jon’s Coconut Shrimp Rice Bowl Review

Scott & Jon's Coconut Shrimp Rice Bowl

We’ve been making our way through the shrimp-filled Scott & Jon’s line of frozen food lately. While not every item in their repertoire is a winner (we didn’t care for the Cilantro Lime Shrimp Rice Bowl), we’ve found some really tasty items there. The Parmesan Shrimp is especially good, and they also make a surprisingly competent batch of ramen.

So we’re pretty excited to be trying yet another one of their offerings today, the Scott & Jon’s Coconut Shrimp Rice Bowl.

This is super easy to cook. Simply pop it into the microwave for three and a half minutes. You will have to stir it a bit, because all of the flavor stuff is congested in the center of the dish. Even so, this is about as easy as it gets for a frozen meal.

Scott & Jon's Coconut Shrimp Rice Bowl

Aside from the bright colors of the peppers, this might look a little pale at a glance. Don’t let the visuals fool you; this is actually a really flavorful dish. There’s a wee bit of a coconut mixed into this meal, but the little bit that’s here is actually super potent. The sweet coconut flavor mixes with the saltiness of the shrimp to create an absolutely wonderful flavor combo, and every bite of rice is rich with that coconut goodness.

Of course, it’s the aforementioned shrimp that keeps us coming back to the Scott & Jon’s line. The rich, buttery flavor of the shrimp works really well with the coconut flavor here (coconut and shrimp were made for each other!)

There are a few chunks of red and green bell peppers tossed in. They don’t seem like they would make an enormous difference, but they actually do. They provide the perfect sweet vegetable flavor to combat the saltiness and enhance the natural sweetness of the coconut. The peppers were a great choice here.

The food-making folks at Scott & Jon’s are really good about keeping their meals under 300 calories, and this is no exception. With just 290 calories, this is a relatively guilt-free meal. On top of that, the sodium level is low for a frozen food, at just 520 mg. Keep in mind this is only low in the realm of frozen food, which tends to average about 700 mg per meal. 520 mg is still a bit high in the non-frozen world.

The Scott & Jon’s Coconut Shrimp Rice Bowl is another great offering from the food geniuses at Scott & Jon’s. There are some really good items in this line, and this meal stands proudly as one of them.

To learn more about the nutrition content, ingredients, or cooking instructions for this frozen shrimp bowl, check out our package scans below.

Scott & Jon's Coconut Shrimp Rice Bowl
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