Trader Joe’s Heart Shaped Macarons Review

Trader Joe's Heart Shaped Macarons

We wouldn’t have been able to even tell you what macarons were before we became Trader Joe’s regulars (and our non-Trader Joe’s-shopping friends tend to be confused when we try to explain them). But since Trader Joe’s has a pretty good variety of macarons in their freezer aisle, we eventually became quite familiar with the tasty little desserts. And now we really love them.

So of course we were excited to discover the Trader Joe’s Heart Shaped Macarons just in time for Valentine’s Day. These romantic little sweet treats are just the thing to share with that special someone.

These come adorably packaged, making them an absolute joy to pick out of the box.

Trader Joe's Heart Shaped Macarons

There are two different flavors present here, vanilla strawberry and raspberry.

The vanilla strawberry macarons weirded us out a little bit because the filling ends up with a slightly greenish tint. Of course, when we leaned in and really looked close, it turned out that greenish tint was just the way shadows hit the filling, which is closer to the color of a clear caulk than anything green.

Trader Joe's Heart Shaped Macarons

No matter what color the filling looks like to you, these taste amazing. They’re delightfully sweet, though they taste way more like your standard macarons than like vanilla or strawberry.

The raspberry version ends up a lot more fruity. When you first bite in, it’s purely the macaron flavor, but as you chew, the raspberry flavor begins to emerge. This wasn’t the case with the strawberry filling, which is a lot more subtle than the raspberry filling.

The real delight of eating a macaron, however, is the act of simply biting into one. Macarons have a sort of crispy outside that smashes down into an almost gummy-like consistency. The transformation happens inside your mouth, and it feels like magic!

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, you should eat these straight out of the freezer — don’t let them thaw first!

The package contains eight macarons and claims that two are a serving size. If you stick with just two, you’re downing 130 calories and 15 mg of sodium. That means if you scarf down the whole box in a sitting, you’ll be up to 520 calories. You might be tempted to do just that, but you should really share these with a date, if for no other reason than to prevent yourself from downing 500-plus calories on a tiny little dessert.

The Trader Joe’s Heart Shaped Macarons are absolutely wonderful. These cute little treats can be shared with a romantic partner, though you’ll want to eat them all yourself!

To learn more about the nutrition content or ingredients in these macarons, check out our package scans below.

Trader Joe's Heart Shaped Macarons
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