Trader Joe’s Turkey Club Wrap Review

Trader Joe's Turkey Club Wrap

Lately, we haven’t been getting to Trader Joe’s nearly as much as we’d like to. And that means we haven’t been publishing as many Trader Joe’s reviews as we normally do. We know our readers love our Trader Joe’s reviews (we have analytics data to back up that claim), so we’re happy to report that we finally did manage another successful TJ’s expedition.

We’re reporting back from that expedition with something that actually doesn’t come out of the freezer aisle. No, today we’re checking out the Trader Joe’s Turkey Club Wrap, which can be found in the refrigerated section (the refrigerated wraps are close to the burritos in our store, though we’re not sure that’s universally true).

Unlike the frozen meals we typically review, this has no prep time. Simply open up the container and it’s ready to rock. We should point out that it’s a rather colorful affair as well (as you can see in the image below).

Trader Joe's Turkey Club Wrap

Unfortunately, this wrap just isn’t very good. The problems begin with the shell, which is soggy and overly doughy tasting. And because the filling here is so weak, the shell takes up an overly large portion of the flavor profile.

There’s supposedly turkey bacon in here somewhere, but either they forgot to add it to this particular wrap, or it just doesn’t have any oomph in general. It’s a shame, because this wrap really could have used some bacon-y oomph.

The package also boasts about a creamy tomato paste. We swear we tasted a ghost of this flavor in the middle of the wrap, but it vanished into our memories before we could verify its existence — as ghosts tend to do. This made the whole wrap seem like it was trying to go for a specific flavor, but that flavor faded in and out before we had a chance to ever figure out what that flavor was supposed to be.

The turkey breast doesn’t do the wrap any favors. It’s not bad; it just needs to be a support flavor rather than the centerpiece of this meal. It doesn’t have enough flavor to stand out, to the point where it almost tastes like the absence of a condiment. With every bite, you’ll feel like this is missing some critical component — perhaps a ranch dressing or a honey mustard, or even a feta cheese.

At the very least, we were hoping that the lack of flavor would equate to a lack of calories, but our hopes were dashed. This wrap contains 560 calories (180 from fat) and 820 mg of sodium. Where does all that come from? We’re not sure, but that seems really high for this particular meal.

The Trader Joe’s Turkey Club Wrap seems like it desperately wants to taste like something, but it never truly realizes that goal. This is a mostly bland wrap that only occasionally offers bursts of flavors, and even when it does, those flavors tend to be conflicted. We think this wrap is a hard pass, which is a shame because Trader Joe’s actually has some pretty decent wraps in their refrigerated lineup. This just isn’t one of them.

To learn more about the ingredients or nutrition content for this Trader Joe’s wrap, check out our package scan below.

Trader Joe's Turkey Club Wrap
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