Casa Mamita Bean & Cheese Burritos Review

Casa Mamita Bean & Cheese Burritos

We’ve recently started poking our heads into Aldi stores. We learned that there seems to be something of a friendly feud between fans of Trader Joe’s and fans of Aldi, and we feel bad about coming down so hard on the Trader Joe’s side of that fence. While we love Trader Joe’s, we also don’t want to feed into any of the Aldi-vs.-TJ’s drama. So in a deliberate attempt at bringing some balance to the Force, we’re trying to review more of Aldi’s frozen food.

For example, we recently checked out the Bremer brand, as well as the Mama Cozzi’s brand (both of which are Aldi store brands). Today, we’re digging into another Aldi brand with the Casa Mamita Bean & Cheese Burritos. These bear a striking resemblance to the El Monterey Bean & Cheese Burritos, so we’re going to give these a taste to see how they compare.

You can cook these in the oven if you’d like, but we’re pretty sure most people are going to go with the microwave instead. So we nuked ours to get a legitimate Casa Mamita experience, but we also decided to cook one in the oven to see what that’s all about. (If you want to read the cooking instructions straight off the bag, scroll down to the bottom of this review and check out the package scans.)

First up, the microwaved version.

Casa Mamita Bean & Cheese Burritos

This comes out of the microwave with some problems. Most notably is the shell, which is somehow both soggy and flakey at the same time. We’re not sure how Casa Mamita managed to pull that off.

The filling is just a batch of mushed-up beans. The package insists that there’s cheese in here, but we certainly couldn’t taste any, and we didn’t see any when we pulled our burrito apart. We actually don’t think these beans are bad (with the exception of one or two dry, crunchy pieces), but we think these burritos really needed something more. Some cheese (at least enough to taste) would be nice, and some peppers would be lovely.

So now let’s try the oven.

Casa Mamita Bean & Cheese Burritos

As you can see in the image above, the shell fares much better when cooked in the oven. It even tastes better this way. However, while it avoids the sogginess problem, it also ends up having kind of a chalky consistency, which isn’t very appealing.

This also doesn’t solve the bean problem. We still don’t taste any cheese here, and we’re starting to wonder if we somehow ended up with a bad batch or something. Where is that cheese? It’s a mystery.

There are eight burritos in a package, but that same package insists that a serving size is a single burrito. Oh great burrito package, we heartily disagree. If you do eat just one, you’ll be looking at 240 calories and 250 mg of sodium. You also won’t be all that full, so you’ll probably end up eating two in a sitting. That brings the calorie count up to 480 and the sodium level up to 500 mg. Honestly, those numbers really aren’t bad, all things considered.

The Casa Mamita Bean & Cheese Burritos are pretty mediocre. We’d put them in the same category as El Monterey’s version, though we think El Monterey is somehow better. The Casa Mamita version feels like a cheap knockoff of something that’s already pretty cheap to begin with. While you can salvage the shell by cooking these in the oven, they’re probably not worth the extra time.

You can learn more about the nutrition content, ingredients, or cooking instructions by checking out the package scans below.

Casa Mamita Bean & Cheese Burritos