Good & Gather Uncured Ham & Swiss Cheese Omelet Cups Review

Good & Gather Uncured Ham & Swiss Cheese Omelet Cups

If you’re still not familiar with the Good & Gather brand, you’ve probably not been to a Target store in quite some time. See, this is a Target brand that’s slowly replacing the Archer Farms and Simply Balanced lines. We’ve actually been digging into Good & Gather’s offerings quite a bit lately, sampling everything from pizza to spring rolls to macaroni and cheese.

Today, we’re in the mood for something a little more breakfasty, so we’re checking out the Good & Gather Uncured Ham & Swiss Cheese Omelet Cups. We can’t wait to try them!

When we pulled these out of the freezer, we were surprised to learn that there are no oven instructions — these are designed to be microwaved. We were fully expecting to oven-cook these, so this fact drastically reduced our prep time.

Good & Gather Uncured Ham & Swiss Cheese Omelet Cups

These come four in a box — there are two trays with two omelet cups per tray. The trays are individually wrapped, so the intention is that you would eat two omelet cups at a time.

These hold their consistency pretty well in the microwave. The center ends up kind of mushy, but the outside of each omelet cup holds its form really well. They do end up a little bit wet when you peel away the wrapper, but you could always set them on a paper towel while they cool to mitigate this. Still, you might want to eat these with a fork rather than with your fingers.

Good & Gather Uncured Ham & Swiss Cheese Omelet Cups

What really stands out about these is the flavor. The egg portion tastes strongly of sharp swiss, which gives the entire thing a swiss-infused flavor that’s oh-so-craveable. Swiss cheese and eggs are a really good combo in general, and these omelet cups wear it well.

To really drive home the flavor, you’ve got teeny tiny chunks of ham and scallions. Neither of these is substantial in size, but you can definitely taste both of them. The ham lends a little bit of a salty, meaty flavor, while the chives have a subtle oniony taste that completes the picture. Overall, these are surprisingly tasty.

Each omelet cup contains 90 calories and 125 mg of sodium, which means the full package contains 380 calories and 510 mg of sodium. These aren’t huge, so even four omelet cups wouldn’t really be considered a breakfast — these seem like they’re intended to be more of a snack than anything else.

The Good & Gather Uncured Ham & Swiss Cheese Omelet Cups make for a fantastic breakfasty snack. It’s the swiss cheese that really puts these over the top for us, but the whole recipe is wonderfully conceived. There’s a whole lot to love here, and we can definitely see ourselves eating these more often.

To learn more about the nutrition content, ingredients, or cooking instructions for these frozen omelet bites, check out our package scans below.

Good & Gather Uncured Ham & Swiss Cheese Omelet Cups
Good & Gather Uncured Ham & Swiss Cheese Omelet Cups
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2 years ago

I don’t have a microwave, so if Iam making them in the oven……do you think 350 at 20 mins would suffice? I will use a therm. to check the temp.

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