Pagoda Chicken Egg Rolls Review

Pagoda Chicken Egg Rolls

Ever since the pandemic began, it’s been a little more difficult for us to get specific food items, so we’d been looking for the Pagoda Chicken Egg Rolls for a while now. In the meantime, we did get to try the beef version (which we really liked) and the vegetable version (which we liked a bit less), but the chicken version has always been our heart’s greatest desire.

We’re happy to report that we finally got our hands on a box of the Pagoda Chicken Egg Rolls, and we’re pretty excited to dig in.

You can cook these in a conventional oven, in the microwave, or in an air fryer. The recommended method is the oven, so that’s the one we went with here. (If you want to see the full cooking instructions for all three methods, scroll down to the package scans at the bottom of this review.)

Pagoda Chicken Egg Rolls

When cooked in the oven, the outer shell comes out toasty warm and just a bit crispy. It’s an absolutely lovely consistency that we really dig. It also has a nice flavor, with just a little bit of eggyness to it (which is why they call these things egg rolls, folks!)

The filling is what we were the most interested in here, and it doesn’t disappoint. While the chicken ends up just a little bit chalky feeling, the flavor of the whole package is wonderful. This has a chicken-salad sort of flavor with undertones of cabbage, garlic, and ginger. Now, it doesn’t look like there is actual ginger in this concoction, but it has a gingery flavor (that’s perhaps a result of the sugar and garlic). It means this starts out savory before a subtle sweetness hits. It’s a great flavor.

We tried one egg roll plain and a second one with a dab of duck sauce. We honestly can’t say which version we prefer — they’re both great! So even if you don’t have a dipping sauce for these, there’s plenty to enjoy.

Even though the oven and air fryer cooking methods say you should cook four egg rolls at a time (the microwave lets you cook one at a time), a single egg roll is considered a portion. Each egg roll contains 150 calories and 380 mg of sodium, so we’d say that two egg rolls is probably the ideal serving size (though two egg rolls is certainly not a full meal).

We think the Pagoda Chicken Egg Rolls are the best flavor in Pagoda’s egg roll selection. This is the perfect blend of sweet and savory, the consistency is great (with one minor nitpick about the chicken), and the overall flavor is a dream. We can see these easily becoming the default frozen egg roll for our non-vegetarian staffers!

To learn more about the nutrition content, ingredients, or cooking instructions for these frozen egg rolls, check out our package scans below.

Pagoda Chicken Egg Rolls
Pagoda Chicken Egg Rolls
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Karen Hilton
Karen Hilton
2 years ago

I bought a box eight count at Dollar General and I would like to know why they didn’t put any sauce. All other brands included a sweet and sour sauce pack for each roll. Where’s the sauce people ?

1 year ago
Reply to  Karen Hilton

Exactly where’s the dipping sauce

Melissa Johnson
Melissa Johnson
1 year ago

Best egg rolls ever!!! Beats all restaurants and any other store bought!!!! Im seriously addicted to them.

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