Annie’s Organic Vanilla Ice Cream Mini Sandwiches Review

Annie's Organic Vanilla Ice Cream Mini Sandwiches

We’re in the midst of a major heatwave here in the United States, so we’re hesitant to fire up our oven today. Thankfully, we picked up a box of frozen treats for the Freezer Meal Frenzy staffers to enjoy: the Annie’s Organic Vanilla Ice Cream Mini Sandwiches.

Yes, these are similar to ice cream sandwiches we’ve reviewed in the past, but this time we’re checking out the basic vanilla version rather than the cookies-and-cream version. So let’s dig in!

Annie's Organic Vanilla Ice Cream Mini Sandwiches

As you probably guessed, these are not complicated. Someone just squished a bunch of vanilla ice cream between two chunks of soft chocolate cookie wafers. We’re totally fine with that, though. The ice cream portion is sweet and creamy, but it’s also not overbearing. Because these are on the small side, you can eat these without worrying about the ice cream melting too much if you eat one of these straight out of the fridge — it’ll be gone in a few bites.

The cookie portion is a bit chalky in consistency and it sticks to your fingers, though you can always leave the wrapper partially on so you can hold your sandwich without getting your fingers all chocolatey. The flavor is good, though, complementing the ice cream quite well. In this toasty hot weather, this comes as a very welcome treat.

These come twelve in a box, and the package actually considers two to be a serving. That’s a good thing because these are pretty small and it’s pretty dang toasty outside. We definitely wanted to eat more than one per person today!

If you stick with that recommendation, you’ll be consuming 210 calories, but if you eat just a single ice cream sandwich, you’re down to 110. Yeah, there’s definitely some rounding going on with those numbers…

The Annie’s Organic Vanilla Ice Cream Mini Sandwiches are the perfect treat for a super hot day. They’re not gourmet-quality or anything, but as a simple frozen dessert to help you cool off when the sun is out, these do the trick quite well. And we think that’s pretty gosh-darn cool.

To learn more about the nutrition content or ingredients in these ice cream sandwiches, check out our package scan below.

Annie's Organic Vanilla Ice Cream Mini Sandwiches
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