Sweet Earth Veggie Lover’s Personal Pizza Review

Sweet Earth Veggie Lover's Personal Pizza

Sweet Earth is now making personal-sized versions of their pizzas, and we’re all about it! We’ve tried most of Sweet Earth’s pizza offerings in the larger size, and we’re excited to take another tour through this line with the smaller size. It does look like this might be the only one available in this size right now, but we’re hoping that changes soon.

So let’s do this!

We’re starting this journey with the Sweet Earth Veggie Lover’s Personal Pizza, since it’s the only one that’s currently available. One thing we should point out is that the box doesn’t actually say pizza on the front of it. When we first spotted this in the freezer at our local Target, we weren’t even sure what it was. A new bowl perhaps? But once we gave it a closer look, we realized that this is indeed a mini-sized version of their Veggie Lover’s Pizza.

Funny enough, we’ve actually tried the big version of this twice. Once in its original form, and once after they’d changed the recipe. The version we’re checking out today looks more like the latter than the former (we actually preferred the older version).

Anyway, let’s get cooking, folks!

Sweet Earth Veggie Lover's Personal Pizza

Sweet Earth recommends that you cook this in the oven, but there’s also a crisping tray built into the box for microwave use. Because we’ve already tried this pizza (twice) in the oven, we thought we’d go with the microwave this time around so we could test out that crisping tray. We did struggle a little bit with the box, so we ended up ripping it instead of breaking it apart where the intended perforations were, but this still mostly stayed intact.

The crust does end up a bit rubbery when you cook it in the microwave, so that’s something you should be aware of if you’re trying to decide between the microwave and the oven on this. It still tastes great,

Sweet Earth Veggie Lover's Personal Pizza

We’ve had mixed feelings about Sweet Earth’s vegan cheese in the past — sometimes we think it’s great, sometimes not so much. This time around, we actually really enjoyed it. This stuff has a sort of garlicy flavor, and while it’s not stretchy like real mozzarella, it does still get a little bit melty.

There are two sauces here — one is a zesty marinara, the other is a vegan cauliflower cream sauce. It’s hard to say where one sauce ends and the other begins, but the combo does work really well. The marinara takes over to provide the main flavor, while the cauliflower sauce adds just a touch of creaminess.

For veggies, you’ve got broccoli, brussels sprouts, mushrooms, bell peppers, and cherry tomatoes. This ends up being a great mix — the cherry tomatoes really energize the marinara sauce, and the brussels sprouts and broccoli add a bit of an earthy flavor. While we do wish this were a little heavier on the mushroom content, what’s here is still pretty satisfying.

This is actually a fairly light meal, weighing in at just 350 calories. While that’s slightly outside what we’d call a diet meal (we tend to save that phrase for meals with 300 calories or less), it’s still pretty low in calories. You can definitely enjoy this pizza without having to feel guilty about it! The sodium is pretty average for a frozen meal, at 690 mg.

The Sweet Earth Veggie Lover’s Personal Pizza is a very good vegan-friendly pizza for one. While the crust does get a bit rubbery if you cook this in the microwave, the rest of it holds up really well. This is loaded up with veggies, and it’s even more loaded up with flavor! We think there’s a whole lot to love here.

To learn more about the nutrition content, ingredients, or cooking instructions for this personal-sized pizza, check out our package scans below.

Sweet Earth Veggie Lover's Personal Pizza
Sweet Earth Veggie Lover's Personal Pizza
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