Talenti Coffee Chocolate Chip Gelato Review

Talenti Coffee Chocolate Chip Gelato

We love gelato (especially when it’s toasty hot out), and we love coffee (even when it’s toasty hot out). So mixing the two really does seem like something that could benefit all of humanity (or at least the coffee-and-gelato-loving portion of it). And that’s the basic premise behind the Talenti Coffee Chocolate Chip Gelato, which we’re reviewing today.

First off, the gelato portion of this is amazing. It retains the natural sweetness of the gelato while also adding the bitterness of coffee. The ingredients on the side of the container just say “coffee” — not “coffee flavoring,” so we assume that means this makes use of real coffee.

Does that mean this has caffeine in it? Well, according to the FAQ page on Talenti’s website:

Compared to a cup of coffee or a can of soda, our coffee inspired gelatos contain very little caffeine. Both our Cold Brew Sorbetto and Coffee Chocolate Chip Gelato contain .002mg per 2/3 cup serving.

So there is some caffeine here, but it’s hardly enough to matter.

Talenti Coffee Chocolate Chip Gelato

We would have been happy with just the gelato, to be honest. But then Talenti had to outdo themselves by adding chocolate chips. These are ground up really tiny, which gives the whole thing a bit of texture. More importantly, it also allows the chocolate to melt a little faster. That’s good, because the super-sweetness of the chocolate contrasts with the bitterness of the coffee in a way that’s really satisfying.

This is definitely not the lowest-calorie option in Talenti’s line, with 320 calories per serving. Just off the top of our heads, the Madagascan Vanilla Bean Gelato and the Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Gelato both have fewer calories per serving than this one. Still, we think this is well worth it.

The Talenti Coffee Chocolate Chip Gelato is oh-so-creamy and oh-so-dreamy. As fans of both coffee and gelato, this is a fantastic way to knock out two cravings at once — especially when the weather is super hot. As we’re reviewing this, it’s a real scorcher out, so we’re very grateful to be reviewing this instead of cooking up a frozen pizza!

To learn more about the nutrition content or ingredients in this gelato, check out our carton photo below.

Talenti Coffee Chocolate Chip Gelato
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