Alpha Plant-Based Buffalo Chik’n Pot Pie Review

Alpha Plant-Based Buffalo Chik'n Pot Pie

We finally did it. We finally managed to procure ourselves the Alpha Plant-Based Buffalo Chik’n Pot Pie! We’ve been looking for this product for months at this point — in fact, it’s probably been close to a year now. We check for this pot pie every time we go grocery shopping, and every time we see nothing but empty spots in the freezer where it should be.

But today we were lucky. Today we were surprised to find this just sitting there in the freezer like it was nothing. No, it’s not nothing. This is a much-sought-after meal by the Freezer Meal Frenzy team. Even though this is vegan-friendly, our meat-eating staffers have been curious about this product for a while now. And today it’s sitting here before us, just waiting for us to dig in.

So now, we feast.

You can cook this in the oven if you’d like, but that will take around 25 minutes. We’re not going to lie; we were way too impatient for that. In the microwave, this only takes two minutes. That was more our speed on this lovely morning. (If you want to read the full cooking instructions straight off the back of the box, check out our package scan at the bottom of this review.)

Alpha Plant-Based Buffalo Chik'n Pot Pie

Now, this feels more like a filled roll to us than a pot pie, especially since we took it out of the tray in order to heat it up. It has a round shape, and it feels like a bread roll to the touch. That’s not a complaint, just an observation.

The shell here is soft, crumbly, and pretty tasty. Once you actually bite into it, you’ll find that it has a biscuit-like flavor and consistency to it. We think that really works well here.

As for the filling, this uses a vegan-friendly faux chicken meat that we think is surprisingly convincing. If you focus on it closely, you will notice that it’s a little more crumbly than a real chicken, and the flavor isn’t exactly right, but even so, the buffalo sauce mostly masks the flavor, while the shell disguises the consistency of the faux meat. Without picking this apart and investigating each component (which is what we did), you might not ever be able to tell this isn’t real chicken.

As for the buffalo sauce, that’s pretty good too. It has just a little bit of heat to it, though not enough to scare away spice-ophobes. We think this is pretty mild.

So here’s the bad news: This measly little pot pie contains 580 calories. Yes, that is a lot for such a tiny little meal. The sodium is just a teeny bit above average, at 750 mg, but it’s really those calories that will getcha here. This is more filling than you might expect considering its small size, but we also don’t think this is a full meal in and of itself.

The Alpha Plant-Based Buffalo Chik’n Pot Pie is a great-tasting, surprisingly convincing vegan take on buffalo chicken. We think that vegans and non-vegans alike can find something to love here. Sure, we wish the calorie count were a bit lower, but this is still a pretty tasty treat.

Now we’re going to have to hunt down the other pot pie options in this line, however long that may take.

To learn more about the nutrition content, ingredients, or cooking instructions for this frozen vegan-friendly pot pie, check out our package scan below.

Alpha Plant-Based Buffalo Chik'n Pot Pie
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