Scott & Jon’s Shrimp Fried Rice Bowl Review

Scott & Jon's Shrimp Fried Rice Bowl

It was Scott & Jon’s robust lineup of shrimp-filled dishes that first drew us to the brand. While we’ve been checking out some of their non-shrimp dishes, we’ll always remember the brand for its excellent shrimp. Today, we’re happy to be returning to the seafood side of the S&J lineup with the Scott & Jon’s Shrimp Fried Rice bowl. We love us a good fried rice, so we’re excited to find out what this one is all about.

Cooking this couldn’t be easier. Just toss it into the microwave for three and a half minutes and you’re good to go. (If you want to read the full cooking instructions straight off the box, check out the package scans at the bottom of this review.)

Scott & Jon's Shrimp Fried Rice Bowl

First of all, the shrimp here is just what we’ve come to expect from Scott & Jon’s. It’s rich with flavor, slightly buttery but not too “fishy” tasting. It’s also just a little bit salty. The shrimp really is what we come to these meals for, and it doesn’t disappoint here.

The rice itself is just alright. It doesn’t go wild with the soy sauce, like some of the fried rice dishes we’ve tried, but it’s a little bit bland as a result. Perhaps this is designed to let the shrimp do the talking, but a majority of this dish is rice, so you’ll have plenty of rice to eat after the shrimp has all been devoured.

While we certainly eat plenty of fried rice dishes that leave out the eggs, we will always prefer fried rice that contains at least a little bit of scrambled egg. Scott & Jon’s came through in this regard, not skipping the egg content. Then again, the stuff here isn’t great. These eggs are crumbly and kind of dry, and we’re not sure they’re a great match for the shrimp. Perhaps with a little more soy, they would have blended in better. As is, they kind of stand apart from the rest of the dish without really adding anything. They feel a little bit like a distraction here.

There are peas and carrots in this mix as well, and we’re surprised by how good they are. Both are rich with flavor, and the carrots have a little bit of crunch left in them. Next to the shrimp, the veggies are the best part of this meal.

Scott & Jon’s meals tend to be low in calories, and this one is no exception. With just 270 calories, you can definitely justify adding this to your regular lunch routine. Plus, this meal contains 630 mg of sodium, which is less than we’d typically expect from a frozen fried rice.

The Scott & Jon’s Shrimp Fried Rice bowl is an alright bowl of rice with the wonderful S&J shrimp tossed into it. While the veggies are great, we probably wouldn’t recommend this dish if it didn’t contain such delicious shrimp. The shrimp definitely ups the quality of this by a lot, but we’ll leave it up to you to decide if the tradeoff is worth it. For us, it actually was, but for people who aren’t wild about shrimp, it might not be.

To learn more about the nutrition content, ingredients, or cooking instructions for this frozen rice bowl, check out our package scans below.

Scott & Jon's Shrimp Fried Rice Bowl
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Debra Turner
2 years ago

No Alfredo sauce in the shrimp Alfredo with penne. Bought it at WinCo store, in Portland Oregon

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