Talenti Confetti Cookie Gelato Layers Review

Talenti Confetti Cookie Gelato

Another ice cream?

No, dear reader, the Talenti Confetti Cookie Gelato Layers dessert that we’re reviewing today is not an ice cream. It’s a gelato. Gel-ah-tow! They’re totally different. Well, maybe not totally different, but kind of different.

But that doesn’t matter, because it’s summertime and it’s hot, and we’re eating a lot of frozen treats as a means of coping with the heat. Besides, no one tells us what to do! And that goes double for ice-cream haters!

Anyway, now that we got all that off our chest, we’re going to dive into the Talenti Confetti Cookie Gelato Layers frozen dessert. Like all of the Layers treats in the Talenti line, this combines a few different flavor options into a striped treat. And with one of those layers being sprinkles, this is definitely among the most colorful desserts in the Talenti lineup.

This is made up of five layers. The top layer is vanilla gelato. Beneath that you’ve got vanilla cookies, then a layer of pink frosting below that. Then there’s more vanilla gelato, and last but not least, a pretty decent portion of multicolor sprinkles. There’s a whole lot of sweet, sweet lovin’ in this carton!

Talenti Confetti Cookie Gelato

Now, we have to admit, we could have just had a whole tub of the vanilla gelato and we’d be high on the hog. This stuff is delectably sweet and smooth and creamy. It’s really good.

But then we hit the cookies and frosting, and holy sweetness, Batman, our minds were absolutely blown! This stuff is so sweet and so rich that we could hardly believe it’s even real.

Now, we have to be honest here: We could have done without the sprinkles. No, they’re not bad — they’re your pretty standard sprinkles — but when compared with everything else in this delectable batch of gelato, the sprinkles just can’t compete. We do realize we’re making enemies with the sprinkle-loving community here, but we think that once anyone dips a spoon into the cookies-and-frosting layer, they’ll have to agree with us. The other components in this dish are just too good for this cruel world.

According to the carton, 1/3 of its contents would be considered a serving. If you stick with that amount, you’ll be downing 290 calories. Of course, if you go all out and eat the entire carton in a sitting, you’re up to 870 calories. So be warned, this isn’t exactly made for dieters.

The Talenti Confetti Cookie Gelato Layers is mind-blowingly amazing. If you decide to cool off with this layered treat, we think you’ll be very satisfied with your decision… unless you end up eating the full carton in a sitting. If that ends up being the case, you’ll probably end up with some regrets (but those regrets will have nothing to do with flavor!) So treat yourself this summer. Just don’t overdo it.

To learn more about the nutrition content or ingredients in this batch of gelato, check out our carton photograph below.

Talenti Confetti Cookie Gelato
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