Bellatoria Ultimate Combo Ultra Thin Crust Pizza Review

Bellatoria Ultimate Combo Ultra Thin Crust Pizza

It hasn’t been that long since we reviewed a Bellatoria pizza, so perhaps it’s a little bit reckless to do another one this soon — especially when there are more diet-friendly alternatives out there.

Ahhh, who are we kidding? We’ll take all the pizza we can get.

Anyway, the last time we reviewed a Bellatoria pizza, it was a personal-sized one. We’re jumping back into the full-size side of their lineup today with the Bellatoria Ultimate Combo Ultra Thin Crust Pizza. So what’s in an Ultimate Combo? Apparently, that includes two types of meat (sausage and pepperoni) and three types of cheese (mozzarella, asiago, and parmesan). We’re curious to see how all of this tastes on Bellatoria’s classic thin crust, so we’re pretty excited to dig in.

But first, of course, we must cook it. This pizza really won’t throw you for a loop. Preheat your oven to 425 degrees Fahrenheit, then pop the pizza in for 13 to 17 minutes. You can place the pizza directly on the oven rack, as the instructions say to do, or you can be like us and use a baking sheet. (If you want to read the full cooking instructions straight off the back of the box, check out the package scans at the bottom of this review.)

Bellatoria Ultimate Combo Ultra Thin Crust Pizza

The pepperoni is about what we’d expect. It’s thicker than pepperoni from, say, Red Baron, and it’s pretty similar in quality to DiGiorno pepperoni. Some of our pieces got kind of dry, which causes them to curl up and become little cups of grease (which you might want to dump out before eating them).

And speaking of grease, this pizza is a grease monster. This is the sort of meal that we end up dabbing with a napkin before eating to reduce the grease content before consumption.

The other meat here is sausage, and it comes in tiny little pieces that taste a little bit generic. There is a rich sausage flavor (if you actually dig a piece out and eat it on its own), but it also tastes a little bit like it’s covering up something. There’s a subtle aftertaste of plastic, which is the culprit there. It’s not a huge part of the flavor profile, and you probably won’t even notice unless you pick off some sausage and eat it on its own (like we did). Still, it’s worth noting for sausage connoisseurs.

The cheese portion is more generous than you might expect. This is nowhere near the cheese level of a Lotzza Motzza pizza (which is an apt comparison, since the Bernatello’s brand makes both Bellatoria pizzas and Lotzza Motzza pizzas), but it’s definitely more generous than, say, a Totino’s Party Pizza. Plus, the addition of asiago and parmesan here really hits the spot.

Bellatoria Ultimate Combo Ultra Thin Crust Pizza

Aside from all that, you’ve got a super crackery thin crust, and a decent sauce to tie the whole thing together. We think we might have detected just a little bit of spiciness to the sauce, but then again, that could have just been from the sausage.

Now, you probably guessed this by now, but this is not made for dieters. The recommended serving size is just a quarter of a pizza, and that amount includes 340 calories (190 from fat) and 870 mg of sodium. Considering this is a thin-crust pizza, it’s really not as filling as its thicker brethren. That means you’ll easily down half a pizza in a sitting, bringing those numbers up to 690 calories (380 from fat) and 1,740 mg of sodium. You should probably not eat these pizzas as often as we do (but hey, it’s our job, right?)

The Bellatoria Ultimate Combo Ultra Thin Crust Pizza is a pretty decent-tasting thin-crust pizza. No, it’s not perfect, but it doesn’t have any major flaws. We tend to rate Bellatoria pizzas above Red Baron but below DiGiorno on the frozen-pizza hierarchy, and this pizza certainly didn’t change our minds.

To learn more about the nutrition content, ingredients, or cooking instructions for this Bellatoria frozen pizza, check out our package scans below.

Bellatoria Ultimate Combo Ultra Thin Crust Pizza
Bellatoria Ultimate Combo Ultra Thin Crust Pizza
Bellatoria Ultimate Combo Ultra Thin Crust Pizza
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