Evol Egg White & Spinach Burrito Review

Evol Egg White & Spinach Burrito

Longtime Freezer Meal Frenzy readers probably already know that this site’s original goal was to review frozen burritos, but it quickly branched out beyond that. Back in the early days, we spent quite a bit of time with the Evol brand. In fact, if memory serves, the very first review we ever published was an Evol burrito.

A lot has changed since then; in fact, it feels like we’re living in a completely different universe now. But what hasn’t changed is that Evol is still putting out great frozen burritos.

Today we’re revisiting an old friend. The Evol Egg White & Spinach Burrito may appear to be new, but it was actually just moved out of the Lean & Fit sub-line (and we reviewed it way back then). So this is a re-review rather than a proper review.

Now, we developed our own oven-cooking method for Evol burritos way back in the day, and we definitely recommend cooking them that way. However, we also acknowledge that most people are going to just plop this thing in the microwave, so we figured we’d cook this breakfast burrito that way so we can get a more authentic experience. If you want to know more about that oven-cooking method, we lay it all out at the end of our review for the Sriracha Chicken Big Burrito.

So anyway, let’s eat!

Evol Egg White & Spinach Burrito

The inside of the burrito ends up pretty soggy. We acknowledge that this is our fault, and this would probably be less of an issue when cooked in the oven. However, the package doesn’t even give oven instructions at all, so this was clearly designed to be a microwavable burrito.

We knew this burrito contained potatoes, but we were still surprised by how much the potato content dominates the flavor of the whole thing. We don’t remember that being the case the last time we reviewed this, so we checked in with our old review to find out. Back then, we said this burrito was “bursting with flavor.” We didn’t find that to be the case this time.

No, this time, we barely even noticed the cheese, and the lime spritz wouldn’t have even have stood out to us had we not been anticipating it. On top of all that, the spinach (which hits the flavor palate after the potatoes have done their work) tastes kind of stale.

This is clearly designed to be a diet-friendly frozen burrito, so how healthy is it in reality? Well, the calorie count is nice and low, at just 230 calories per burrito. But one of these also contains 610 mg of sodium, which is pretty dang high for such a small burrito. This isn’t a filling burrito like, say, Trader Joe’s Super Burrito, so you’re going to end up eating more than just this one little thing — you might be tempted to eat two in a serving even.

The Evol Egg White & Spinach Burrito didn’t impress us this time around. We’re not sure if our standards have increased or if the quality of the burrito decreased since it moved out of the Lean & Fit line. Either way, we don’t recommend making this a part of your breakfast. In fact, we think we’d probably take a Jimmy Dean breakfast burrito over this one (our carnivorous staffers have developed a fondness for the Meat Lovers Breakfast Burritos). While we called this burrito “an old friend” in the beginning of this review, we think it’s time to end that friendship.

To learn more about the nutrition content, ingredients, or cooking instructions for this frozen burrito, check out our package scans below.

Evol Egg White & Spinach Burrito
Evol Egg White & Spinach Burrito
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