Banquet Pepperoni Mega Double Stuffed Pizza Review

Banquet Pepperoni Mega Double Stuffed Pizza

Anyone who reads Freezer Meal Frenzy regularly probably already knows that we eat frozen pizza way more often than we should. We just can’t help ourselves; when we see one of these cheesy delights, we know right away that we have to gobble it up and write down our thoughts.

So when we discovered the Banquet Pepperoni Mega Double Stuffed Pizza, we knew right away that it needed to be in our mouths as soon as possible. This box contains not one, but two, slices of pepperoni-stuffed pizza. Talk about your bargain buy!

Cooking this is relatively simple. The box gives instructions for both the microwave and the oven, and we went with the microwave for this review. This comes with its own crisping tray, and we just had to try it out. We did find the box to be a little bit difficult to break apart and fold, but we did manage after some effort.

Banquet Pepperoni Mega Double Stuffed Pizza

Now, the instructions say that you should only cook one at a time, and that you can’t reuse a crisping tray, which threw us off initially. However, we realized that they meant one meal and not one slice, which is clear from the fact that the instructions explicitly state that you should break the two pieces apart and set them both on the crisping tray.

Once you’ve got all that sorted, you’ll need to cook this for five to seven and a half minutes. We went with six minutes for our pizza. (You can read the full cooking instructions straight off the box at the bottom of this review.)

Banquet Pepperoni Mega Double Stuffed Pizza

First off, we should point out that our pizza came out a little bit dry and chewy. We’re not sure how much of this can be blamed on that extra-long cook time, but our pizza did come out that way. Then again, this was really only true for the outer edges; both pieces ended up nice and soft in the middle. The crust, of course, being an outer edge, ended up pretty hard.

We also found this to be incredibly salty. We think that’s probably due to the amount of pepperoni crammed in the middle of this affair. We found that saltiness to be appealing at first, but as we ate more of the pizza, it became a little much for us.

The cheese doesn’t really have much flavor, and there’s hardly any sauce at all. We were struggling to even tell this had sauce on it at all.

This is certainly not a lightweight meal for diet-conscious folks. One slice contains 460 calories and 1,300 mg of sodium, meaning that if you eat both slices, you’re up to 930 calories and 2,600 mg of sodium. Those numbers are pretty dang high.

The Banquet Pepperoni Mega Double Stuffed Pizza is sort of decent, but we’re not sure we’d eat it again due to the overwhelming saltiness. And that saltiness does translate to sodium content, making this less than ideal for sodium watchers. In fact, if you care about your sodium level at all, you should probably skip this entirely.

To learn more about the nutrition content, ingredients, or cooking instructions for this frozen pizza, check out our package scans below.

Banquet Pepperoni Mega Double Stuffed Pizza
Banquet Pepperoni Mega Double Stuffed Pizza
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