Sweet Earth Mindful Chik’n Strips Review

Sweet Earth Mindful Chik'n Strips

We have a lot of affection for the Sweet Earth brand. They are, in fact, one of the very first brands we started reviewing back when we launched Freezer Meal Frenzy. Those early Sweet Earth reviews are a little cringey looking back, but we were giving it our best shot back then. We never imagined how much better we’d get at writing these reviews, or how big the site would eventually grow. Ahhh, nostalgia…

Nostalgia is indeed a powerful force, and it’s what led us to pick up a batch of the Sweet Earth Mindful Chik’n Strips. We saw these at our local food co-op, and we were reminded about how much fun we had reviewing Sweet Earth products in the past. Because we’d actually never tried these, we figured we’d give them a go — even though this isn’t a frozen food. These faux chicken strips are generally found in the refrigerated section of a grocery store rather than the freezer aisle.

There are plenty of ways to cook these up, and you can even eat these chicken strips straight out of the package without heating them at all. However, the preferred method is cooking these in a skillet. So we heated our stovetop, dropped in some oil, and plopped in the chicken. (If you want to read the full cooking instructions straight off the package, scroll down to the bottom of the review.)

Sweet Earth Mindful Chik'n Strips

Now, we did try some of these before we cooked them, and we found the faux chicken to be flavorful yet dry. And we’re talking super dry here. When we added the chicken to our oiled-up skillet, the faux meat soaked up all of the oil almost instantly. So we added some more and the same thing happened. We then added some more oil, and finally the chicken seemed moist enough to not instantly sponge up all of the oil in the pan.

The final result, though, was actually pretty darn good. We’ve had some not-great vegetarian chicken strips before, and the Sweet Earth ones might be the best we’ve trued thus far. We don’t want to use a word like authentic, because that’s not accurate here, but these have a lovely, earthy flavor with a kind-of-sweet aftertaste that we found really appealing.

Now, parts of the chicken ended up overcooking and getting a little bit crispy, but the parts that didn’t ended up juicy, with an absolutely lovely texture. We do think the oil was a huge part of that, so we definitely recommend a liberal application of oil when cooking this.

So what did we end up using all this chicken for? Well, we baked ourselves a BBQ chicken pizza. Check it out!

Sweet Earth Mindful Chik'n Strips

According to the package, one serving is about 3/4 of a cup, which means there are somewhere between two and a half to three servings of faux chicken here. If you eat the recommended serving, you’re looking at 130 calories and 330 mg of sodium. If you eat the whole package at once, you’re up to 360 calories and 880 mg of sodium. We doubt you’ll just sit down and chomp through a whole package, but since these are designed to be part of a greater dish, you’ll have to factor in the calories and sodium for whatever you add on top of the numbers we provided.

The Sweet Earth Mindful Chik’n Strips are excellent. While we wouldn’t necessarily recommend these for folks who prefer real chicken to the vegetarian stuff, we would absolutely recommend these to anyone who’s looking for a vegetarian-friendly replacement. These faux chicken strips really are great!

To learn more about the nutrition content, ingredients, or cooking instructions for these faux chicken strips, check out our package scans below.

Sweet Earth Mindful Chik'n Strips
Sweet Earth Mindful Chik'n Strips
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