Alpha Plant-Based Chik’n Veggie Pot Pie Review

Alpha Plant-Based Chik'n Veggie Pot Pie

We really enjoyed the Alpha Plant-Based Buffalo Chik’n Pot Pie when we reviewed it back in 2021. However, we’ve had a lot of trouble chasing down more items in the Alpha line. We really want to try more of this stuff, but the store shelves always seem empty when it comes to the Alpha line.

So imagine our surprise when we walked into our local co-op and saw the Alpha Plant-Based Chik’n Veggie Pot Pie just sitting there in the freezer like it was no big deal. Obviously, we weren’t going to pass up this opportunity to finally dig into another Alpha pot pie, so we purchased it and took it back to the Freezer Meal Frenzy office to give it a taste test.

Now, you can go through all the effort of cooking this in the oven if you’d like to, but we remember using the microwave on the previous pot pie we tried, and it seemed to come out just fine. So we’re nuking this today. But if you want to read the full cooking instructions for both the microwave method and the oven method, you can scroll to the bottom of this review and check out our package scans.

Alpha Plant-Based Chik'n Veggie Pot Pie

Now, one thing we should point out here is that Alpha makes vegetarian-friendly food. This meal does not contain real chicken, but a plant-based substitute. Vegetarian brands often denote this by cutting some letters from the word chicken and using an apostrophe — in this case, it’s Chik’n.

Anyway, this might be called a pot pie, but it’s shaped more like a hockey puck than an actual pie. The crust portion is really thick, but even in the microwave it holds its form pretty well without getting soggy. It does end up a little bit wet to the touch, but not bad at all.

The filling is a very green affair, with chunks of broccoli and celery, though there is a subtle mushroom flavor to it as well. We did enjoy the flavor here, though we found it to be a lot more earthy and subtle than the Buffalo Chik’n version.

As for the chunks of plant-based Chik’n, ours were very small and not even super noticeable unless you go digging for them with a fork (which we did). Ultimately, we think this pot pie would have been perfectly fine without the faux chicken, though we suspect that faux chicken tends to sell better than straight-up veggie-filled concoctions, for whatever reason.

This is a pretty small meal — about the size of a hockey puck — but it contains 440 calories and 730 mg of sodium. While we think two of these would definitely be too much, since the breading is kind of hearty, we do think you could reasonably eat one and a half in a sitting, which makes those numbers even higher.

The Alpha Plant-Based Chik’n Veggie Pot Pie is a pretty good vegetarian-friendly pot pie, though it’s a subtler flavor than you might expect. The primary flavor of the filling is a mushroom-and-broccoli blend, with a little faux chicken for texture. There’s nothing wrong with this combo, though we definitely realize it’s not for everyone. Personally, we found it to be pretty enjoyable, though we definitely prefer Alpha’s Buffalo Chik’n offering to this one.

To learn more about the nutrition content, ingredients, or cooking instructions for this frozen pot pie, check out our package scans below.

Alpha Plant-Based Chik'n Veggie Pot Pie
Alpha Plant-Based Chik'n Veggie Pot Pie
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