Red Baron Classic Crust Supreme Pizza Review

Red Baron Classic Crust Supreme Pizza

We probably eat too much pizza. Actually, you can verify this just by going through Freezer Meal Frenzy’s review history — we definitely eat too much pizza. But we just can’t help ourselves; we love the stuff way too much.

And yeah, we’re not slowing down. It’s not even been that long since our last frozen pizza review, and today we’re reviewing yet another one. This time, it’s the Red Baron Classic Crust Supreme Pizza. This is a staple of the frozen food aisle, so we’re excited to finally try it. What took us so long?

Normally, when we cook a frozen pizza, we use a baking sheet, even though the box explicitly says to place the pizza directly on the oven rack. But this time, we have both rack instructions and pan instructions, so we can cook this on a baking sheet without feeling like we’re doing something wrong. But really, the two sets of instructions aren’t all that different from one another, with the pan method just taking a few extra minutes. (If you want to read the full cooking instructions for both methods, scroll to the bottom of this review and check out our package scans.)

Red Baron Classic Crust Supreme Pizza

What exactly does Red Baron mean when they use the phrase “Classic Crust?” Well, basically, this is your typical lower-end frozen pizza crust, where it gets crispy on the bottom but stays soft in the middle. It’s the sort of crust that does its job, but it’s not something that really grabs our attention.

Red Baron uses a sweeter tomato sauce instead of a spicy or bitter one, and we do enjoy that. While we love us a spicy pizza sauce, the sweeter variety tends to work better with budget-friendly pizzas like Red Baron’s.

The pepperoni here is the type that gets a little bit crispy, as opposed to staying soft (like, say, Lotzza Motzza pepperoni). While some people do like a crispier pepperoni, we’re very much on Team Soft. We also noticed that this pepperoni is kind of spicy. If you pick off a single piece of pepperoni and eat that on its own, you’ll notice that this has some bite to it. We weren’t expecting that, but we appreciate it.

As big fans of sausage on pizza, this stuff kind of disappointed us. It gets kind of dry, and it has that black licorice taste to it. This generally means it uses too much anise or fennel, but we can’t say for sure if that’s the case here because the sausage portion of the ingredients list just says “spices” without clarifying which ones.

Aside from that, you’ve got some green and red peppers, which we thought were fine, and some onions, which we hardly noticed at all. And we do wish there were more cheese on this, as the portion seemed a little skimpy (especially after reviewing so many Lotzza Motzza pizzas in the past).

Red Baron Classic Crust Supreme Pizza

Apparently, one fifth of this pizza is a serving size. We know we’ve complained about this before, but we’re going to say it again for the people in the back: Who the heck is cutting their pizza into fifths? What kind of psychopath would do that? Just picture, if you will, a pizza cut five ways. You can’t even imagine that looking sane and normal, can you? That’s because no one has ever cut a pizza into fifths in the history of the world. No one. Not once.

Okay, so that’s probably an exaggeration, but we do think that fourths would at least make some sense. But we’re pretty sure most people buy a frozen pizza and then split it two ways. And that means we’re going to have to do some math.

Okay, so 1/5 of the pizza contains 310 calories and 670 mg of sodium. That means that a whole pizza contains 1,550 calories and 3,350 mg of sodium, and a half pizza contains 775 calories and 1,675 mg of sodium. Any dieters still feeling good about this one? We don’t hear any yesses…

The Red Baron Classic Crust Supreme Pizza is not a high-quality pizza, but it actually tastes really good. This is really just evidence that it’s really hard to ruin a frozen pizza, because even with less-than-quality ingredients, you can still make something that satisfies. Yes, we’d rather be eating something from Lotzza Motzza, but we still found this Red Baron pizza to be enjoyable enough to satisfy our intense craving. For now…

To learn more about the nutrition content, ingredients, or cooking instructions for this frozen pizza, check out our package scans below.

Red Baron Classic Crust Supreme Pizza
Red Baron Classic Crust Supreme Pizza
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