Sundae Shoppe Apple Cinnamon Ice Cream Review

Sundae Shoppe Apple Cinnamon Ice Cream

Fall is in the air, and that means the fall foods lineup is starting to trickle into the frozen food aisle at many retailers. We’ve already been trying some of this year’s offerings at Trader Joe’s, so we thought we’d stop into Aldi to see what they’ve got going on this year. It turns out, the folks at Aldi are going fall crazy as well.

So today, we’re checking out the Sundae Shoppe Apple Cinnamon Ice Cream, which released alongside the Pumpkin Spice Ice Cream. While the Apple Cinnamon version doesn’t have pumpkin in it, it’s equally as autumnal, so it’s an appropriate sibling for the Pumpkin Spice stuff.

This is a simple concoction. It takes a cinnamon ice cream and tosses in some apple chunks.

Sundae Shoppe Apple Cinnamon Ice Cream

First, let’s talk about the good part. The cinnamon ice cream is absolutely phenomenal. It’s rich and sweet, and the cinnamon gives it a lovely texture to balance out the creaminess. We would take a batch of this sans apple any day.

However, those apple chunks aren’t great. We’re not sure if they were dehydrated, but they kind of feel like it. If the ingredients list on the side of the carton is accurate, these apple chunks also have corn syrup and corn starch in them, which definitely strikes us as not being straight-off-the-tree (unless the folks at Sundae Shoppe are doing some wild experiments in their orchards).

Thankfully, the apple chunks are a pretty small portion of this dessert. You can pick them out if you really don’t like them, but we didn’t find that to be necessary. We just dealt with their imperfectness as a contrast with the heavenly glory of the ice cream.

The recommended serving size is about a third of a carton, and that does seem like a decent amount of ice cream for a single sitting. If you can manage that, you’ll be downing 180 calories. Of course, if you go all out and eat the whole thing in a sitting, you’ll instead be up to 530 calories. Be careful with this one, folks!

Despite its imperfections, the Sundae Shoppe Apple Cinnamon Ice Cream ends up being a pretty craveable fall dessert. We would have liked some higher-quality apple chunks, but even with the fake-tasting ones here, the overall flavor is good. Considering this won’t be available year-round, we do think this is worth trying out at least once per year.

To learn more about the nutrition content or ingredients in this ice cream, check out our carton photographs below.

Sundae Shoppe Apple Cinnamon Ice Cream
Sundae Shoppe Apple Cinnamon Ice Cream
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