Whole & Simple Steak & Cheddar Burrito Review

Whole & Simple Steak & Cheddar Burrito

It’s probably not possible to review every single type of frozen burrito in the world, but that doesn’t mean we can’t try our darndest. Whether it’s a classic Evol burrito, a budget-friendly El Monterey burrito, or a vegetarian-friendly Sweet Earth burrito, we want to try as many of them as humanly possible before we shuffle off this mortal coil.

Today we’re checking out something that comes from the freezer aisle of Aldi, the Whole & Simple Steak & Cheddar Burrito. This isn’t our first time reviewing a Whole & Simple Burrito; we did check out the Chicken, Cilantro & Lime Burrito not long ago.

Back when we tried that tasty burrito, we promised that the next time we tried one of these, we’d cook it in the oven instead of in the microwave. And today we’re fulfilling that promise. We baked this sucker in the oven, following the instructions on the package to the letter. (If you want to read the full cooking instructions for both the oven and the microwave, check out the package scans at the bottom of this review.)

First up, we should say that in the oven, the shell gets just a little too crispy. The instructions say to thaw this in the microwave for a minute before cooking it in the oven, and we’d say you can probably cook it a little bit longer in the microwave to reduce the time this spends in the oven (maybe 90 seconds instead of the recommended 60?) We want to keep experimenting to see if we can create that perfect balance between crispy and soft. We didn’t quite get it this time, but maybe we will on the next round?

Whole & Simple Steak & Cheddar Burrito

But what’s inside is fantastic. This is a seriously tasty blend of cheese, steak, pinto beans, and veggies with just a little bit of southwestern flair. And the thing that makes it all work is the pretty generous portion of cheese. This is a soft, gooey cheddar that complements the steak perfectly.

While there isn’t a ton of steak inside the shell, what’s here is really good. We found it to be juicy and loaded with flavor. We do wish there were more of it here, because this is some of the best steak we’ve had in a frozen burrito.

As far as the other ingredients, the portion sizes are super small, but we’ll mention that this burrito does have a couple kernels of corn, a few pinto beans, and just a smattering of bell peppers and jalapeño peppers. The package also insists there’s brown rice inside, but we didn’t even notice.

One of these burritos contains 320 calories and 700 mg of sodium. While neither of those numbers seems all that bad, keep in mind that this is a pretty small burrito, and we could see a hungry adult eating two of these in a sitting, and still have room for dessert afterward.

The Whole & Simple Steak & Cheddar Burrito is way better than we were expecting it to be. In fact, this is one of the best steak burritos we’ve tried here at Freezer Meal Frenzy. We definitely look forward to seeing what else we can sample from the Whole & Simple line, because they’re quite competent at making tasty frozen food.

To learn more about the nutrition content, ingredients, or cooking instructions for this frozen burrito, check out our package scans below.

Whole & Simple Steak & Cheddar Burrito
Whole & Simple Steak & Cheddar Burrito
Whole & Simple Steak & Cheddar Burrito
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