Limited Edition Pepsi x Peeps Review

Limited Edition Pepsi x Peeps

Look, we’re a frozen food site primarily. And most of the time, we stay within our jurisdiction, checking out your Lean Cuisine meals, or your Stouffer’s options, or whatever’s new at Trader Joe’s. But every once in a while, we like to get a little bit weird. And boy howdy, are we getting weird today!

See, we recently stumbled upon the Limited Edition Pepsi x Peeps at our local grocery store, and our curiosity got the best of us. What on earth would this combination even taste like? So today we’re going completely off the rails and reviewing a soda.

Sure, we know there are plenty of other places to get your soda review fix; we’re fans of the Soda Review Podcast (though you need to put up some new episodes, Jules!) Even so, we thought it wouldn’t hurt to throw our hat into the ring.

So here we go. Here’s our official review of the Limited Edition Pepsi x Peeps soda.

Limited Edition Pepsi x Peeps

The cans hold 7.5 oz. and have a Peeps-themed yellow color on the outside. They also say “2023 Limited Edition” on them, which clarifies that these are indeed newly canned beverages for 2023. Pepsi did release this same beverage back in 2021, and it became kind of a sensation. Or, maybe it was more of a meme than a sensation?

Either way, it’s good to see Pepsi bringing this weirdness to the masses for a whole new round of taste tests (it sounds like it was really hard to get back in 2021).

Limited Edition Pepsi x Peeps

First up, it doesn’t really look any different than your standard Pepsi. It’s dark brown. We were kind of hoping for something a bit lighter — not quite Crystal Pepsi levels of clear, but not quite as brown either. Then again, Pepsi probably realized that most of us avoid drinking yellow liquids when we can. Except for Mountain Dew fanatics, we suppose…

Now, this is a really weird flavor combo. It tastes like someone took marshmallow flavor syrup and dumped it into a glass of Pepsi. Actually, that’s probably not too far off from what they actually did to make this stuff.

Our staffers are mixed on this. It’s too sweet for some of us, while others thought it was just okay. But we had zero people on our team who completely loved it, which says pretty much everything you need to know about this beverage.

The Limited Edition Pepsi x Peeps is worth trying simply because of the novelty factor, but we doubt there will be too many people losing sleep over the fact that these will soon be vanishing from store shelves. Then again, there’s probably someone out there who’s completely wild for this flavor combo. To that person we say, “Sorry, bud, but you’d better enjoy it while you can, you poor, sweet, sugar-addicted fool, you.”

To learn more about the nutrition content and ingredients in this Pepsi concoction, check out our package scan below.

Limited Edition Pepsi x Peeps
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