DiGiorno Personal Stuffed Crust Cheese Pizza Review

DiGiorno Stuffed Crust Cheese Pizza Review

DiGiorno’s Stuffed Crust pizzas have been a guilty pleasure for the Freezer Meal Frenzy staff for a long time. A gooey cheese pizza makes for a great meal at the end of a long day, and stuffing extra cheese into the crust makes it even better. When we saw that there was a personal-sized version of this pizza, we grabbed several of them and headed straight home to cook them up. The personal-sized Stuffed Crust Cheese Pizza not quite as good as the full-sized version of the same pizza, but it is pretty appetizing.

While this pizza offers both oven and microwave directions, we opted to cook it in the microwave. The process was incredibly easy with the fold-out box and simple crisping tray. The pizza was out of the microwave and ready to eat in a matter of minutes.

DiGiorno Stuffed Crust Cheese Pizza Review

Of course, cooking the pizza in the microwave definitely took its toll. The finished pizza had a fairly chewy crust; it was a little tougher than the crust for a standard DiGiorno pizza. We also found that the cheese was a little more uneven than usual.

Thankfully, the cheese in the crust turned out just fine. It was the perfect temperature, and it definitely added some extra flavor to the crust. We’d definitely recommend this pizza over the version without stuffed crust.

DiGiorno Stuffed Crust Cheese Pizza Review

If you’ve craving a DiGiorno’s pizza but don’t have anyone to share it with, this Cheese Stuffed Crust pizza should suit you nicely. Just take a close look at the label before you dig in; there are two servings of pizza per container.

For more information about this pizza’s ingredients and nutritional content, check out our scans below.

DiGiorno Stuffed Crust Cheese Pizza Review

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Paula Watkins
Paula Watkins
1 year ago

My store in Sisseton South Dakota (Teals) used to sell the personal size stuffed crust pizza. But for some reason for months and months ago they quit selling them but they still have the regular personal pan crust pizza. I liked the stuff crust. Why is it my store does not carry it anymore? Do you still make them? How can I get my grocery store to bring them back on? Every time I went in there to buy some before they quit selling them, there would be only a few left and the other personal pan pizzas were still there. So it seems that everyone like them better. And people like me, there is just one of me that eats it in my household. Every time I buy the regular size stuffed crust pizza I can’t stop eating it so I end up eating all of it. Then of course I’m a stuffed pizza. So is there a way for you to get my store to sell them again. I’ve talked to strangers in the store looking for the same thing I was looking for. They weren’t too happy either.

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