Sweet Earth Salsa Prime Quesadilla Review

Sweet Earth Salsa Prime Quesadilla

Our staffers love a good tomato salsa, but we love tomatillo salsa even more. We adore the tangy, zesty flavor of the tomatillos, especially when it’s paired with spicy peppers. So we couldn’t wait to taste the salsa in the Sweet Earth Salsa Prime Quesadilla.

When we make quesadillas from scratch, we cook them in a pan, and we opted to heat these quesadillas the same way. We recommend cooking the quesadillas on medium-low heat rather than the low heat recommended on the box. Our quesadillas didn’t cook evenly until we turned up the heat.

Sweet Earth Salsa Prime Quesadilla

This quesadilla may look meaty, but it’s actually filled with chipotle savory grounds. Because these grounds are heavily seasoned and paired with plenty of ingredients, it’s easy to forget that you aren’t eating real meat. This is a dish that both vegetarians and meat lovers can enjoy.

If you like the taste of salsa verde, you’ll probably enjoy this quesadilla. The salsa tastes like it was freshly prepared, and the quality of the other ingredients is also very high. We appreciated the generous servings of cheddar cheese; the creamy flavor paired nicely with the spicy poblano peppers.

Sweet Earth Salsa Prime Quesadilla

There are two individually wrapped quesadillas in each box. Sweet Earth suggests eating one quesadilla if you want a snack, and having two quesadillas if you want a full meal. With 12 grams of protein per serving, we actually think a single quesadilla would be enough to fill you up, especially if you paired it with a side of rice or tortilla chips.

The Sweet Earth Salsa Prime Quesadilla reminds us why we love tomatillo salsa. Even though this quesadilla tastes like comfort food, there are a lot of interesting ingredients at play. We’d recommend this meal to anyone that enjoys frozen Mexican food.

To learn more about the nutrition content or ingredients in these Sweet Earth quesadillas, check out our package scan below.

Sweet Earth Salsa Prime Quesadilla

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Why can’t I find sweet earth quesadilla?

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