Trader Joe’s Chicken Fried Rice Review

Trader Joe's Chicken Fried Rice

Sometimes, after a long, stressful day, there’s nothing better than going home and cooking up a simple yet tasty meal. That’s what brought us to Trader Joe’s Chicken Fried Rice.

Since it only takes about six minutes when cooked on the stovetop, we decided to go with that cooking method. There are microwave instructions as well, but we thought this would come out much better when cooked in a pan.

The rice comes out pretty much perfect. It has that scrumptious taste of the delicious fried rice you’d get at a Chinese restaurant. And it’s loaded with carrots, peas, and onions, like all good fried rice should be.

There’s a little bit of scrambled egg as well. Now, we certainly would have loved to see some bigger chunks of scrambled eggs, because what’s in here is diced up pretty small. (We did find one or two rather large chunks, but the rest was broken up into tiny, tiny pieces.) But we’re still glad it’s there, because no fried rice would be complete without some egg.

Trader Joe's Chicken Fried Rice

And there are the chunks of chicken. The chicken here is a seasoned dark meat, which means it’s loaded with flavor. This chicken was a seriously good choice for this rice. It’s amazing!

One bag of this rice makes about three and a half servings. One serving contains a mere 230 calories (30 from fat), but the sodium is a bit high at 710 mg. If you eat more than the suggested serving size, which is not hard to do, you’ll be adding to these numbers as well.

Trader Joe’s Chicken Fried rice is simple yet satisfying. This is one of those side dishes that’s hard to stop eating once you’ve started, because it’s so darn tasty.

Of course, fried rice is great when it’s paired with other items. We think this Chicken Fried Rice and Trader Joe’s Mandarin Orange Chicken are a match made in Heaven.

To learn more about the ingredients or nutrition for this Trader Joe’s fried rice, check out our package scan below.

Trader Joe's Chicken Fried Rice

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Jay Are
Jay Are
2 years ago

Ajinomoto makes Trader Joe’s Chicken Fried Rice

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