Tandoor Chef Cilantro Pesto Naan Pizza Review

Tandoor Chef Cilantro Pesto Naan Pizza

We love pizza, and we love Indian food, but we’ve never been interested in combining the two. Thankfully, we’re not in charge of coming up with freezer meals! Tandoor Chef has an amazing line of pizza cooked on naan bread, and it’s a culinary delight.

We tried their Cilantro Pesto Naan Pizza, and we have to say we were quite impressed.

While the image on the box looks like your standard circular pizza, the actual pizza is shaped more like a large slice. The Freezer Meal Frenzy staff can’t resist pizza by the slice, and we’re happy to have a version of it that we can heat up in the oven.

Tandoor Chef Cilantro Pesto Naan Pizza

Unlike some frozen pizzas, Tandoor Chef’s pizza has oven directions only. Thankfully, it didn’t take too long to get our pizza heated up and ready to eat. We allowed the pizza to cook for 14 minutes before taking it out of the oven, and it came out a little bit crispier than we would have liked.

However, even a slightly burned crust can’t take away from this pizza’s great taste.  It isn’t topped with cheap, artificial tasting ingredients — this is the kind of meal you could find at a restaurant.

The quality of the naan bread is very high; we’d be happy to eat this crust on its own. The cheese is also delicious, as is the spicy pesto sauce.

We loved this pizza, and we’re excited to see what else Tandoor Chef has to offer. As it turns out, Indian food and pizza make for a pretty fantastic combination.

For more information about this dish’s ingredients and nutritional content, check out our package scans below.

Tandoor Chef Cilantro Pesto Naan Pizza

Tandoor Chef Cilantro Pesto Naan Pizza

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