El Monterey Egg, Cheese & Jalapeño Burrito Review

El Monterey Egg, Cheese & Jalapeño Burrito

Writing reviews about frozen burritos is one of our great joys in life. In fact, Freezer Meal Frenzy was founded upon frozen burritos. So we never pass up the chance to try a burrito we haven’t had before. So today’s frozen food is the El Monterey Egg, Cheese & Jalapeño Burrito.

Now, El Monterey makes budget-friendly burritos that aren’t designed to wow true burrito connoisseurs, but sometimes all you need is a cheap bite to eat. We ate a ton of these back in our broke-college-student days. Needless to say, we don’t expect gourmet-style burritos when we turn to El Monterey.

That said, the brand does surprise us from time to time. We especially love their Charbroiled Chicken & Monterey Jack Quesadillas, and we found the Shredded Steak & Three-Cheese Burrito to be pretty tasty. So when we microwaved our El Monterey Egg, Cheese & Jalapeño Burrito, we hoped this would prove to be one of those instances where El Monterey is really on top of their burrito game.

This burrito has a bit of a bite to it, and we weren’t expecting that. Sure, this burrito has the word Jalapeño in its title, but that doesn’t usually mean a whole lot when it comes to frozen food. While we wouldn’t comfortably call this spicy, we can’t deny that it’s got some zing to it.

El Monterey Egg, Cheese & Jalapeño Burrito

The jalapeño here is the main event, for sure. Every bite of this burrito tastes like jalapeño peppers. This isn’t a bad thing — in fact, we love the flavor of jalapeño, so this was really enjoyable for us.

The other ingredient that does the most talking here is the cheese. There’s a cheddar cheese-based sauce, and on top of that is a blend of jack and American cheeses. It’s creamy and gooey, and it really takes the edge off the intense jalapeño flavor. It’s definitely a good choice for this burrito.

You might not even notice that this also has scrambled eggs inside. That’s because they don’t really add much to the flavor; they’re really just there to fill up the shell and remind eaters that this is designed to be a breakfast burrito.

We don’t expect healthy eating from El Monterey. This burrito comes packed with 270 calories (80 from fat) and 560 mg of sodium. That doesn’t sound too bad at first glance, but since you are probably going to have to eat at least two of these to make a complete breakfast, those numbers start to look pretty scary.

The El Monterey Egg, Cheese & Jalapeño Burrito is actually really good. If you don’t mind the calories, this ends up being one of the best burritos in El Monterey’s lineup. Plus, it’s vegetarian-friendly, which is somewhat rare in El Monterey’s world.

To learn more about the nutrition content or ingredients in this El Monterey frozen breakfast burrito, check out our package scan below.

El Monterey Egg, Cheese & Jalapeño Burrito

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