Trader Joe’s French Toast Review

Trader Joe's French Toast

There are few things more satisfying on a cold morning than a steamy plate of french toast. You can jumpstart your day by putting some starch in your belly while also satisfying a sweet tooth. So when we found Trader Joe’s French Toast at our local Trader Joe’s, we knew we had to try it.

So we did!

Obviously, french toast is always going to be better if you whip up a serving from scratch than if you heat up the frozen stuff, but sometimes you just don’t have the ingredients on hand (though you really don’t need much to make french toast), and sometimes you just don’t have the time. Trader Joe’s French Toast is a good option for anyone short on time or ingredients.

There are so many ways to cook this stuff. You could go with the toaster, which is quick but gives you a crispier, more toast-like breakfast, or you could go with the microwave, which is also quick but leaves these a little soggy. We actually baked these in the oven, which takes a little more time but produces a better meal in our opinion.

This french toast has a nice texture. It’s a bit crisp around the outside, but the inside is warm and soft, just as any piece of french toast should be.

Trader Joe's French Toast

The real defining factor here, however, is the cinnamon. These things are just loaded with the stuff. If you’re planning on taking a bite of these without syrup, prepare your tastebuds for a cinnamon blast.

Of course, we do recommend syrup on these. That’s just how french toast was meant to be eaten. In fact, the syrup actually brings the cinnamon flavor to the surface, so it’s even more potent with syrup than without it. (If you’re already at Trader Joe’s picking up some french toast, you might as well grab their maple syrup while you’re there — we do think it’s a pretty good syrup to pair with this french toast.)

Oh, and we also think the Trader Joe’s Meatless Breakfast Patties make a killer side dish for this french toast, so try that combo if you have the chance.

Trader Joe’s considers two slices of french toast to be a serving. We think that assumes you’ll be adding sides, like sausage, bacon, toast, and a giant glass of orange juice. If you’re eating just french toast, we’d say four slices is a more likely serving. So a Trader Joe’s recommended serving (two slices) contains 260 calories (45 from fat) and 550 mg of sodium, while a Freezer Meal Frenzy recommended serving (four slices) contains 520 calories (90 from fat) and 1,100 mg of sodium. Keep in mind that you’ll be adding even more calories with butter and syrup, so all of these calories add up quite fast. This is no diet-friendly breakfast food.

Trader Joe’s French Toast is a cinnamon-loaded blast of breakfast flavor. We do think these are better with syrup, but even without it, these little guys are mighty tasty.

To learn more about the nutrition content or ingredients in this Trader Joe’s French Toast, check out our package scan below.

Trader Joe's French Toast
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