Amy’s Vietnamese Banh Mi Wrap Review

Amy's Vietnamese Banh Mi Wrap

While banh mi is the Vietnamese word for “bread,” it also refers to a specific type of sandwich. It’s typically served on a baguette, and it’s made with a combination of meat and pickled vegetables. Amy’s Vietnamese Banh Mi Wrap promises to deliver the banh mi experience in wrap form.

This wrap is definitely easy to heat; it took approximately two minutes to warm ours up in the microwave. Still, you may not want to follow the directions exactly. When we sliced our wrap open, we noticed it was still cold in the middle. When we heated it for an additional 30 seconds, it was cooked perfectly.

Amy's Vietnamese Banh Mi Wrap

This doesn’t taste much like banh mi to us, even though a few of the key ingredients are there. Sure, it has pickled carrots and a few other veggies, but this wrap is mostly stuffed with tofu, pinto beans, and rice. If you’re craving banh mi, you should look elsewhere, but if you just want a tasty vegan wrap, this will suit you just fine.

The combination of tofu and pinto beans give the wrap a nice meaty flavor, and the vegan sour cream is surprisingly convincing. We had to double-check the wrapper to make sure this was actually a vegan dish. The pickled veggies give the wrap some tanginess, and the pureed ginger delivers a warm, spicy flavor.

If you’re looking for an easy, filling wrap that’s completely free of animal products, you really can’t go wrong with Amy’s Vietnamese Banh Mi Wrap. However, if you’re hoping to find a frozen version of banh mi, this isn’t the wrap you’re looking for. This wrap is very tasty, but we’d never associate it with banh mi if it wasn’t on the label.

To learn more about the nutrition content or ingredients in this Amy’s burrito, check out our package scans below.

Amy's Vietnamese Banh Mi Wrap
Amy's Vietnamese Banh Mi Wrap
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