Rao’s Made for Home Meat Lasagna Review

Rao's Made for Home Meat Lasagna

We’ve very recently started digging into the Rao’s brand of frozen food. We started with the Penne Alla Vodka, which was absolutely delightful, and we followed that up with the Chicken Alfredo, which was also very good (though it won’t dethrone the Stouffer’s Fettucine Alfredo as our favorite frozen alfredo dish).

So today we’re very excited to be checking out the Rao’s Made for Home Meat Lasagna. We have a Garfield-like appreciation for lasagna here at Freezer Meal Frenzy, so we’re always thrilled by the prospect of eating more of it. And with Rao’s track record, we have a feeling that this is going to be a goodie.

Before we taste this meal, though, we must cook it. The box gives instructions for both the microwave or the oven, and we went with the microwave today. While we’re sure Rao’s would prefer that we use the oven, we think most people will be nuking this. Plus, we microwaved previous Rao’s meals and they came out excellent, so we’re not super worried about using the microwave again today. (If you want to read the full cooking instructions for both methods, scroll down to the bottom of this review and check out our package scans.)

Rao's Made for Home Meat Lasagna

Rao’s is generally known for their sauces, so they usually knock that part of their frozen meals out of the park. We thought the sauce here was pretty okay, but not mind-blowing (like their unbelievably awesome vodka sauce). This tomato sauce is just a little bit to acidic-tasing for us, we think, but it’s still pretty good.

But the rest of this meal is excellent, and our sauce nitpicks are nothing more than us being overly critical. The sauce isn’t bad, and we wouldn’t even go so far as to call it mediocre. It’s just slightly-less-than-stellar.

The ground beef is fantastic. That can be a sticking point for a lot of frozen lasagnas, but this stuff is very good. Not only does it provide some texture to the meal, but it tastes great as well. It doesn’t have that overly rubbery or gravelly consistency that some ground beef gets when it’s frozen and reheated.

And the cheese is delicious. Rao’s doesn’t skimp on the ricotta here, which adds even more texture alongside a slightly sour cheese flavor. And then there’s a bit of stretchy mozzarella on top.

There’s a little bit of garlic here, but it’s the right amount. Sometimes, frozen food manufacturers put too much garlic in their meals to mask the fact that they otherwise are kind of bland. Rao’s doesn’t do that; they tend to use garlic to enhance the already-good flavor of their meals instead of covering anything up. It’s very good.

The bad news, of course, is that this comes with 430 calories, which puts it outside the range of diet-friendly. To make matters worse, we found this overall to be less filling than some of Rao’s other meals, which means you might end up going back to the fridge for a snack after polishing off this lasagna. At least the sodium content is pretty average for a frozen meal, with 690 mg of sodium here.

The Rao’s Made for Home Meat Lasagna is a very good lasagna that we’d love to have again sometime. While we were a little nitpicky about the sauce in our review, that’s only because our previous Rao’s meals have set the bar so high that we couldn’t help but feel slightly disappointed. But only slightly — and we do have to reiterate the fact that, overall, we found this to be a great take on frozen lasagna.

To learn more about the nutrition content, ingredients, or cooking instructions for this frozen lasagna, check out our package scans below.

Rao's Made for Home Meat Lasagna
Rao's Made for Home Meat Lasagna
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