Udi’s Sweet Potato Ravioli Review

Udi's Sweet Potato Ravioli

We rarely say no to frozen pasta, especially when that pasta includes stuffed ravioli noodles. We were intrigued as soon as we saw Udi’s Sweet Potato Ravioli dish. Portobello mushrooms, red peppers, kale, and a sweet potato filling? How could we possibly turn down something like this?

The caliber of ingredients used in this dish is extremely high. The mix of mushrooms, kale, and various vegetables tastes like something from a restaurant. The creamy sweet potato filling is absolutely delicious, and the sauce really enhances the flavor of the dish.

Udi's Sweet Potato Ravioli

That said, we have one major complaint about this dish: the pasta. The ravioli tastes dry even if it’s covered in sauce. The chewy texture isn’t exactly pleasant, and it definitely takes away from the rest of the dish. We had a better experience when we cut the ravioli in half before eating, but that didn’t solve the problem completely.

Although this frozen meal has a major flaw, we’d still recommend it. Sweet potato ravioli is fairly rare, and some of the flavors here are spectacular. If you’re willing to overlook pasta issues, you should be more than happy with this gluten-free freezer meal.

For more information about this dish’s nutritional content and ingredients, check out our package scan below.

Udi's Sweet Potato Ravioli

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