Trader Joe’s Sriracha Shrimp Bowl Review

Trader Joe's Sriracha Shrimp Bowl

Some of our favorite frozen meals contain sriracha. For example, the Evol Sriracha Chicken Big Burrito is great, and the Good Food Made Simple Sriracha Scramble is one of the best breakfast burritos we’ve tried. However, we don’t find nearly enough frozen meals that contain shrimp (though we have found a few).

Trader Joe’s Sriracha Shrimp Bowl combines two of the things we love — sriracha and shrimp — into a low-calorie package. Yes, this thing only contains 320 calories. At first glance, this has the potential to be one of our favorite frozen foods. When we found this at our local Trader Joe’s we knew we definitely had to pick it up and give it a taste.

So how is it?

For starters, this meal does not skimp on the sriracha sauce. With this particular sauce, a little bit often goes a long way. Even so, Trader Joe’s has dowsed this one in sriracha sauce. When you mix everything together, it’s all has a bright red hue to it (or bright orange — we refuse to take a side in the orange-vs.-red debate).

Trader Joe's Sriracha Shrimp Bowl

And that means this bowl is no slouch in the spice department. This is one of those eye-watering, sinus-clearing meals that you’ll need to eat with a large glass of milk handy. If you’re a spice-ophobe, you should stay away from this.

So how about that shrimp? Well, it’s not the best shrimp we’ve had. It can be a little rubbery, and the flavor ends up being subtle in comparison to the flamboyant sriracha sauce. That said, it’s really not bad, and it’s hard to complain about any frozen food that contains shrimp at all, since it seems like such a rare occurrence.

This bowl is loaded with veggies as well. The baby corn is definitely the leader of the pack in terms of flavor. It’s astoundingly rich and wonderful. The broccoli is alright, but it pales in comparison to the baby corn.  You’ll also find a good deal of edamame in this bowl, as well as some bell peppers. And all of this comes served on a bed of red and brown rice.

The one real complaint we have about this frozen food is that it’s a little too watery. As it cooks, water builds up in the bottom of the tray, making the bottom layer of this meal a soggy soup. We would have loved it if this were a little bit less soupy.

Even so, Trader Joe’s Sriracha Shrimp Bowl is a sriracha-filled treat. Sriracha and shrimp are both relatively uncommon in the frozen food aisle, so combining the two adds up to a flavor you’re probably not going to find anywhere else.

If you want to learn more about the nutrition or ingredients in this Trader Joe’s shrimp bowl, check out our package scans below.

Trader Joe's Sriracha Shrimp Bowl

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