Sweet Earth Mile High Quesadilla Review

Sweet Earth Mile High Quesadilla

Although the Freezer Meal Frenzy staff has tried plenty of breakfast burritos, we haven’t had many breakfast quesadillas. When we saw that the Sweet Earth Mile High Quesadilla was made with cage-free eggs and cheddar cheese, we knew we had to try it out. We decided to pair this quesadilla with our morning cup of coffee.

We opted to cook this quesadilla in a pan rather than the microwave. Unfortunately, the process wound up being a bit of a hassle. The box says to heat these over low heat, but that method left our quesadillas frozen in the middle. We wound up throwing the quesadillas in the microwave for about 20 seconds after cooking them in the pan.

Sweet Earth Mile High Quesadilla

By the time we got these quesadillas heated up, we were dying to try them out. The natural hickory smoke gives this dish a fantastic smell, and we could tell that the tortillas were loaded with tasty fillings. We couldn’t bite into this meal quickly enough!

Sweet Earth Mile High Quesadilla

There’s a fantastic combination of breakfast flavors at play here. The vegan harmless ham doesn’t taste like the real thing, but it does have an appealing meaty flavor. The maple syrup gives this dish a bit of sweetness, while the peppers give it a little bit of a kick. Even though there’s a lot going on, everything works together very well.

Our only real complaint is that this meal is messy. Spoonfuls of maple syrup dripped onto our plate as we ate, along with huge chunks of egg. We had to play cleanup with a fork after we polished off the rest the quesadilla. You’re definitely going to want to have a napkin in hand as you eat one of these.

According to Sweet Earth, one quesadilla is a snack, while two make up a meal. At 180 calories per quesadilla, you could definitely polish off two of them without feeling guilty. That said, each quesadilla is filling enough to serve as a meal on its own, especially if you’re eating it at breakfast time. Each quesadilla is packaged separately, making it easy to save one for later.

The Sweet Earth Mile High Quesadilla has definitely sold us on the breakfast quesadilla! Whether you enjoy your quesadilla in the morning or choose to save it for dinner, this is the perfect treat to enjoy when you’re craving breakfast food.

To learn about the nutrition content or ingredients in these Sweet Earth quesadillas, check out our package scan below.

Sweet Earth Mile High Quesadilla

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