Eating Well Cherry Port Pork Review

Eating Well Cherry Port Pork

We’ve had some complaints about Eating Well’s frozen food in the past. We tend to find their ingredients to be sub-par, and we think their Fresh-Seal technology (which they’ve trademarked) is absurd. Their vacuum-sealed food pouches just don’t work.

Yet when we set eyes on the Eating Well Cherry Port Pork, we thought this might be an exception to Eating Well’s long line of disappointments. So we cooked it up to give it a go.

Now, this takes a while to cook. Even if you have an 1,100-watt microwave, this will take at least a total of six minutes. If you have a 900-watt microwave, expect to spend eight or more minutes cooking this thing. We’re really not sure why Eating Well meals take so long, because the way the contents are arranged on the plate makes it seem like these should actually heat up quickly. These aren’t thick piles of food or anything — the food is actually spread out pretty thinly.

And that thinness does translate to the meal in its final form — this ends up looking like it was smashed down. To be fair, it was smashed down. That’s just how vacuum-sealing works.

Eating Well Cherry Port Pork

The main bragging point here for Eating Well is that they’ve used Peterson Farms dark cherries. Now, we’re sure these are tasty cherries when they arrive at Eating Well’s factory, but after six minutes (or more) of cook time, there’s really not much left as far as flavor goes. These hardly taste like anything.

The pork is actually quite tasty. Some of it is kind of dried out, but the bits that end up soaked in the cherry sauce are really, really good. They have that melt-in-your-mouth quality, alongside an almost overwhelming amount of flavor. If this meal were just the pork portion doused in cherry sauce, we’d highly recommend this.

Unfortunately, a huge portion of this meal is just potatoes. In fact, we’d say a good third of the contents on our plate were probably pure potatoes. That would be fine in some cases, but here these potatoes seem a bit undercooked. They also don’t work that well with the cherry sauce. Our assumption is that they were just tossed in to fill up space, and that space would have been much better used by some extra pork. Because, again, that pork is delicious.

And then there are a few shredded veggies — carrots and green beans. They’re largely inoffensive, and they’re a better match for the sauce than the potatoes, but they’re certainly nothing to get excited about.

At 280 calories (80 from fat), this really isn’t too bad for dieters. There’s also 690 mg of sodium, which is a little high, but it’s really close to the average sodium level for a frozen meal, so we really can’t complain there either. If you really need to watch your sodium, you should avoid frozen food in general, and this Eating Well meal is no exception.

The Eating Well Cherry Port Pork should have just been a pork dish. The pork is astonishingly good. However, everything else in this dish ranges from mediocre to slightly bad, and the pork portion isn’t all that big. Of all the Eating Well meals we’ve tried, this one has the most potential, and it squanders so much of it that it’s hard to not be disappointed.

If you want to learn more about the nutrition content or ingredients in the Eating Well Cherry Port Pork, check out our package scans below.

Eating Well Cherry Port Pork

Eating Well Cherry Port Pork

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