InnovAsian Chicken Fried Rice Bowl Review

InnovAsian Chicken Fried Rice Bowl

We’ve tried InnovAsian Cuisine’s Chicken Fried Rice in the past, and we have to admit we weren’t all that impressed. It’s too bad, because the brand is known to make some pretty amazing restaurant-quality items. But recently, InnovAsian released a rice bowl version of their chicken fried rice, so we thought we’d give it another try. Perhaps the single-serve take on this dish will win us over.

The InnovAsian Chicken Fried Rice Bowl is quite simple to cook. Just pop it into the microwave for three and a half minutes and you’re golden. Now, the larger version of this isn’t any more difficult than this, but it does take a little bit longer — so that’s one point in favor of this single-serve dish.

Now, InnovAsian is quite generous here when it comes to veggies and chicken. The veggie/chicken blend is about half the dish here, while the other half is rice. We were expecting mostly just rice, so that was a welcome surprise. That’s point number two for this rice bowl!

InnovAsian Chicken Fried Rice Bowl

The chicken is a bit pale and bland. Unlike the nice, grill-striped chunks shown on the box, these are white as a sheet. But at least they’re not dry — moisture-wise, these are just right.

The rice itself tastes pretty good, as it’s got some soy sauce mixed in. The vegetable blend contains carrots, edamame, corn,  and red bell peppers. These veggies taste very fresh, especially the corn and edamame. In fact, the edamame alone makes this dish worth trying.

And then there’s the scrambled egg, which is a welcome addition. There’s not a ton of egg in here, but the chunks that are inside are very good. We don’t think any fried rice is complete without some egg, so we’re happy that it’s here.

This is a little high in calories, at 380 (90 from fat). We’d like to keep our frozen meals under 330ish if we can, so this is definitely outside of our sweet spot. The sodium is quite high as well, at 890 mg. We know that frozen Asian food tends to be high in sodium, so it doesn’t surprise us to see this one weigh in at almost 900 mg. The good news is that there is no added MSG, at least according to the box.

The InnovAsian Cuisine Chicken Fried Rice Bowl is actually quite good. We weren’t expecting much after finding the plain Chicken Fried Rice to be a bit of a letdown, but this rice bowl shows that InnovAsian does know what they’re doing. And, as we mentioned earlier, they found some killer edamame for this dish.

To learn more about the nutrition content, ingredients, or cooking instructions for this InnovAsian rice bowl, check out our package scan below.

InnovAsian Chicken Fried Rice Bowl

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