Archer Farms Mushroom Risotto Bites Review

Archer Farms Mushroom Risotto Bites

Mushrooms aren’t a source of controversy at the Freezer Meal Frenzy offices, but we know that they’re a polarizing food. We’re more than happy to chomp down on some fungus, but we know that other people find mushrooms to be slimy and unappealing. If you’re aboard the mushroom train, Archer Farms Mushroom Risotto Bites is a treat you should stop to take a look at.

In case you haven’t heard of Archer Farms, it’s a Target-exclusive grocery brand, which has a wide range of meals, appetizers, and other frozen goodies in their product line. At Freezer Meal Frenzy, of course, we focus on the frozen stuff.

This box of mushrooms is probably not ideal for parties; there are just 10 tiny bites in each box. Still, the quality of these snacks is clear from the moment you take them out of the box.

Archer Farms Mushroom Risotto Bites

It took just over 15 minutes to heat these bites in the oven, and we couldn’t have been happier with how they turned out. These bites have a perfect crispy coating, and they taste as though they’re straight out of a deep fryer. Everything holds together perfectly — a fact that remained true even when we sliced a bit open to take a look inside.

Archer Farms Mushroom Risotto Bites

When we took our first bite, we were surprised to notice that they had a slightly lemony flavor to them. Sure enough, lemon juice is on the list of ingredients. It reminds us a little of battered fish, but not in a bad way. The lemon flavor isn’t overpowering, and the hint of citrus is actually pretty appealing.

While we seriously doubt these bites will win over mushroom haters, the taste and texture of the mushroom doesn’t really stand out here. The tiny chunks of mushroom are blended with rice and a healthy helping of gooey cheese. Add in the crispy panko breadcrumb coating, and the mushrooms are practically unnoticeable. As die-hard mushroom lovers, we find this fact to be a little disappointing, but we can’t deny that these bites are still amazing.

We wish that Archer Farms Mushroom Risotto Bites came in slightly bigger boxes. These addictively delicious snacks would make the perfect party appetizer. As is, however, we’re content to snack on these mouthwatering bites at home. These bites aren’t packed with mushroom flavor, but they’re addictive and delicious.

To learn more about the nutrition content, ingredients, or cooking instructions for these Archer Farms appetizers, check out our package scans below.

Archer Farms Mushroom Risotto Bites
Archer Farms Mushroom Risotto Bites
Archer Farms Mushroom Risotto Bites
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