Trader Joe’s Mango & Cream Bars Review

Trader Joe's Mango & Cream Bars

While we mosty review frozen meals here at Freezer Meal Frenzy, there are plenty of non-meal goodies to be found in the freezer aisle. Today we’re going to focus more on the “Freezer” part of our name than the “Meal” part, since we picked up a box of the Trader Joe’s Mango & Cream Bars. These brightly colored treats are certainly lovely to look at, and we hope they’re tasty as well. So let’s dig right in!

The box includes eight bars, and each one is individually wrapped. This makes them a perfect grab-and-go snack or dessert.

Trader Joe's Mango & Cream Bars

These are basically popsicles without sticks, so we’re not sure how we’re supposed to eat them. We used our fingers, which meant we were left with sticky fingertips, but we suppose you could use a fork if you’d like.

Each bar is approximately the size of a bar of soap you’d get at a hotel, though a bit thicker. They’re mostly dominated by the mango portion, though each has a stripe of cream at the edge.

Trader Joe's Mango & Cream Bars

It’s the combination of mango and cream that really works here. While the mango is very sweet and rich, and the cream portion is nice and… well, creamy, the two work together to make a wonderful, satisfying dessert. The flavor profile starts with a fruity burst and ends with a creamy finish. These are definitely a treat.

Each bar contains only 50 calories, which means these are a lovely treat that even dieters can enjoy. The box recommends three bars as a serving, though these are a bit rich for that. In fact, we think you could easily get away with just eating one at a time. These are also gluten-free, so if your dietary restrictions force you to avoid gluten, these are still a-okay for you to snack on.

The Trader Joe’s Mango & Cream Bars are great summertime desserts. They’re rich, low in calories, and just plain fun to eat. We definitely think you should keep a box or two of these stocked in your freezer for those hot summer months!

To learn more about the nutritional content or ingredients in these frozen treats, check out our package scan below.

Trader Joe's Mango & Cream Bars
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