Lean Cuisine Favorites Cheese Ravioli Review

Lean Cuisine Favorites Cheese Ravioli

Lean Cuisine changes up their packaging frequently, which means we’re continually giving their products a closer look. A fresh new look might not be a big change, but we figured it was a good enough reason to give the Lean Cuisine Cheese Ravioli another try. This time around, they haven’t made any dramatic changes to the packaging; they’ve simply included more prominent calorie information on the front.

Most Lean Cuisine meals don’t blow us away, but we keep coming back to them because they’re so quick and easy. You can heat this ravioli up in under five minutes, and it’s basically effortless. With that said, we did find that some of the tomato sauce splashed around when we were getting this ready to photograph (we wiped off the plate before the big photoshoot).

As you might be able to tell from the picture below, this is a pretty saucy ravioli. There’s basically more sauce here than ravioli, and it doesn’t thicken up much as it cools. There may be a lot of the sauce, but it is pretty tasty; there are these big chunks of tomato scattered throughout the dish.

Lean Cuisine Favorites Cheese Ravioli

How are the actual ravioli noodles? They’re… fine? There are no texture issues, and they’re stuffed with ricotta cheese, but they aren’t all that exciting either. This meal is better than a can of Chef Boyardee, but below restaurant ravioli or even Trader Joe’s refrigerated options. If you’ve had the previous version of this meal, you know what to expect. We couldn’t spot any difference between this and the older version of this dish.

The Lean Cuisine Favorites Cheese Ravioli probably isn’t going to blow your mind, even though the sauce is pretty tasty. That said, if you want something quick and low in calories, this isn’t a bad option. In fact, add in some parmesan cheese, and you’ve got yourself a pretty appealing meal.

To learn more about the nutrition content, ingredients, or cooking instructions for this frozen ravioli, check out our package scans below.

Lean Cuisine Favorites Cheese Ravioli
Lean Cuisine Favorites Cheese Ravioli
Lean Cuisine Favorites Cheese Ravioli
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