Trader Joe’s Wildberry Cheesecake Ice Cream Review

Trader Joe's Wildberry Cheesecake Ice Cream

We’re just cooling off after yet another heat wave, so we brought some more ice cream into the Freezer Meal Frenzy office. Thankfully, we can still do our jobs when the heat goes wild without having to heat up an oven or even a microwave. Reviewing ice cream gives us some sweet, sweet relief from the heat. While we do cook most of our frozen food, some of it is still frozen when we eat it!

Today we’re checking out the Trader Joe’s Wildberry Cheesecake Ice Cream (with Cheesecake Pieces and a Mixed Berry Spread) to cool ourselves off with some creamy goodness. It turns out, this brand-new dessert is already making a name for itself in the heat of this sweltering summer.

So let’s dig in.

Trader Joe's Wildberry Cheesecake Ice Cream

The base here is actually a sweet vanilla ice cream, as far as we can tell, rather than a cheesecake-based one. Don’t let that slow you down, though — Trader Joe’s makes a fantastic vanilla ice cream, and they also won’t be letting cheesecake fanatics down with this. See, this actually contains chunks of cheesecake in it. Yes, moist, delicious cheesecake is just hanging out right inside this ice cream! Coming across a piece of it is like finding a buried treasure in… well, a pile of treasure! These chunks are larger than we expected, and Trader Joe’s was not stingy here. There are a ton of cheesecake pieces in this dessert.

There are also light brown flecks in this, which add a bit of texture. We’re actually not sure what these are, but our guess is that they might actually be pieces of the cheesecake crust, or maybe just brown sugar. Whatever they are, we’re all about them.

And then there’s the berry swirl. This is a blend of blueberries, strawberry purée, raspberry purée, blackberry purée, and elderberry juice concentrate. And wowsers, is this fantastic! It’s a combination that adds a fruity flourish to this already dangerously decadent treat.

And that brings us to the unfortunate part of this review. If you listen to the angel on one shoulder and eat just 1/3 of the carton, you’ll be consuming 320 calories. If you listen to the devil on the other shoulder and eat the entire thing in a sitting, you’re up to a whopping 950 calories. And believe us when we say that the second you take your first bite, you’re going to want to flick that little angel off your shoulder and send it flying into the trashcan. This is some tasty stuff, and it’s really hard to slow down once you’ve had your first bite.

The Trader Joe’s Wildberry Cheesecake Ice Cream is yet another stunningly delicious ice cream from the mad scientists at Trader Joe’s. Mrs. Trader Joe’s rated this at a 10/10, and we heartily agree with her. This ice cream alone is worth making a TJ’s run for. We apologize if you’re on a summer diet, because this stuff is really going to make that difficult for you.

To learn more about the nutrition content or ingredients in this batch of ice cream, check out our carton photo below.

Trader Joe's Wildberry Cheesecake Ice Cream
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