Nordic Waffles Bacon, Egg & Cheddar Waffle Sandwiches Review

Nordic Waffles Bacon, Egg & Cheddar Waffle Sandwiches

We’ve been on a bit of a home-state kick here at Freezer Meal Frenzy. Yesterday we checked out the Heggies Pizza brand, which is proudly located in Milaca, Minnesota, and today we’re tasting a Minnesota State Fair staple. Yes, we’re returning to the beloved Nordic Waffles brand, which we’re extremely excited about.

We love us some breakfast sandwiches, and we also love throwing support behind our Minnesotan frozen food options to share them with our international audience. So today we’re thrilled to be reviewing the Nordic Waffles Bacon, Egg & Cheddar Waffle Sandwiches.

These are a bit pricey — we generally pay somewhere between $8 and $9 per pack — but they do come two in a package. They’re also bigger than they look when they’re super tightly sealed; one sandwich is generally enough to fill you up.

Now, cooking these is simple, and you can use either the microwave or the oven. The method that we use involves microwaving the sandwich for a minute, then sticking it in the oven for about six minutes. That works for us, giving us a soft waffle that has a little bit of crispiness to it. (If you want to read the full cooking instructions straight off the package, scroll to the bottom of this review to check out the package scans.)

Nordic Waffles Bacon, Egg & Cheddar Waffle Sandwiches

We’ve already written a glowing review of the sausage version of this sandwich, and honestly, there’s not much difference between this sandwich and that one aside from the replacement of sausage patties with bacon strips. So most of what we said before applies here.

There are folks out there who would argue that the bacon content makes these sandwiches automatically better than the sausage ones. However, we here at Freezer Meal Frenzy don’t really make liking bacon a personality type, like people who buy bacon-themed T-shirts and novelty gifts, or people who will just cook up a big bag of bacon and eat it plain in front of all their friends (especially their vegetarian friends). In fact, we honestly prefer sausage to bacon. Yes, we’re going there. Bacon is kind of overrated, if you ask us…

Anyway, now that we’ve surely made some enemies for life, let’s talk about this sandwich!

The thing that makes these sandwiches so gosh-darn delicious is the use of a sweet waffle as the “shell,” with a salty meat to serve as a contrast. That gives these that sweet-and-salty combo that’s so craveworthy — and so breakfast-ready. The waffles here are excellent, and definitely the best part of the meal. They’re so good, in fact, that it’s hard to complain about the filling at all.

But we’re going to do just that. The egg patties are generally just alright, and we can’t help but wish Nordic Waffles would use more cheese. These sandwiches would be so much better with a melty serving of cheese oozing out of the edges.

The bacon, despite our previous statements, is actually quite good. It’s kind of sparse, as there were only two small strips on our sandwich (we think Nordic Waffles could easily double that), but it tastes super good. We should be clear, we said bacon is “overrated;” that doesn’t mean we don’t think it tastes good. We just think that people oversell it by going completely nuts over it, when we just find it to be pretty tasty in moderation.

Anyway, as you might expect, these aren’t low in calories, and they’re certainly not light on the sodium content. One sandwich contains 390 calories and 1,010 mg of sodium. The good news, though, is that these sandwiches are pretty filling, and you get two in a pack (as we pointed out at the beginning of this review.)

The Nordic Waffles Bacon, Egg & Cheddar Waffle Sandwiches live and die by their waffle shell. Thankfully, that shell is extremely delicious, to the point where everything it touches will become delicious by proxy. And that means that Nordic Waffles can skimp a little on the quality of their eggs or the quantity of their bacon and cheese, and they still have an absolutely craveworthy breakfast sandwich.

To learn more about the nutrition content, ingredients, or cooking instructions for these frozen breakfast sandwiches, check out our package scans below.

Nordic Waffles Bacon, Egg & Cheddar Waffle Sandwiches
Nordic Waffles Bacon, Egg & Cheddar Waffle Sandwiches
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