Amy’s Gluten Free Black Bean & Quinoa Burrito Review

Amy's Black Bean & Quinoa Burrito

We eat a lot of frozen food here at Freezer Meal Frenzy, and while some meals stick with us, others are forgotten as soon as we clean our plates. Amy’s Gluten Free Black Bean & Quinoa Burrito falls into that second category. It’s certainly not a bad burrito, but it’s not especially memorable either.

Although it contains a number of interesting ingredients, like Swiss chard, quinoa, and jalapeno peppers, none of these ingredients really stands out. This isn’t to say that the burrito is bland or tasteless; it certainly has some flavor to it. It’s just that nothing there makes a big impression.

Amy's Black Bean & Quinoa Burrito

This is a fairly light burrito, which means it’s a great choice for any meal of the day. Picky eaters should be able to chomp down on this burrito without worry, even if they’re not a fan on ingredients like cilantro or Swiss chard. It’s also a terrific option for people with dietary restrictions. Not only is it gluten free, it’s also diet friendly.

That stated, there are better, tastier burritos in the Amy’s line. If you decide to have this burrito for a meal, you probably won’t regret it, but you probably won’t be savoring it either.

To see a detailed ingredient list and full nutrition information, see our package scans below.

Amy's Black Bean & Quinoa Burrito

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