Good Food Made Simple Original Pancake Puffs Review

Good Food Made Simple Original Pancake Puffs

If you’re looking for a fun little twist on a classic breakfast item, perhaps you’ve had your eyes on Good Food Made Simple’s Original Pancake Puffs. As the name suggests, these little puffballs are tiny nuggets of pancake. It’s a great concept.

A package contains about 36 puffs, so we got to try a couple batches. The first one we cooked in the microwave.

Good Food Made Simple Original Pancake Puffs

The recommended serving size is six, which has about 160 calories. We took that as a sign that we could eat nine or ten and still be fine, so we heated up 18 of them and split them between two reviewers. Now, this is a little different than the package instructions, but it’s because the instructions are for a batch of six, and we heated up three times that much. After the first minute, some of the puffs still had frozen centers, so we cooked them for another minute and they came out steamy hot.

For the second batch, we threw a bunch of these on a cookie sheet and heated them in the oven for about ten minutes. This batch came out a tad crispier around the edges than the first batch. They also have a better consistency, and — believe it or not — they even smell better.

Good Food Made Simple Original Pancake Puffs

Now, the trick to fully enjoying the microwaved version of these things is to eat them as quickly as you can. At first, they taste wonderful, but as they cool, the sogginess and grainy texture become off-putting. But when they’re toasty warm, they’re fluffy and lovely. This issue is virtually nonexistant with the oven version, since they don’t devolve into cold, soggy pancake nuggets.

If you looked at the images above and did some math, you probably noticed that we ended up with a bit more than the 36 promised on the package. Our package had thee extras for a total of 39. We’re certainly not going to complain about additional Pancake Puffs.

Of course, you’ll also want to top these with something, as they’re a little plain on their own. The package shows a small cup of syrup, which is not included here. So we took its implied advice and used a nice, rich maple syrup. It was an incredible pairing. We imagine a strawberry or blueberry jam might be pretty good too, though we didn’t try that out.

Good Food Made Simple’s Original Pancake Puffs are a super easy breakfast item that’s fun to eat. Just make sure you’ve got a topping for them.

To learn more about these Pancake Puffs, our package scans below feature ingredients and nutrition facts straight from the packaging.

Good Food Made Simple Original Pancake Puffs

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