Amy’s Spinach & Cheese Enchilada Verde Whole Meal Review

Amy's Spinach & Cheese Enchilada Verde Whole Meal

If you’re looking for a quick vegetarian enchilada that won’t leave you hungry, Amy’s Kitchen’s line of whole-meal enchiladas is a pretty good place to start your search. In the past, we’ve tried the Cheese Enchilada and the Enchilada with Spanish Rice and Beans versions of the Enchilada Whole Meal, and now we’re trying out the Spinach and Cheese Enchilada Verde version.

Initially, what drew us to this meal was the promise of spinach. That’s not something we often find in an enchilada, but if done right it could be incredible.

Of course, many of Amy’s products were recalled back in 2015 due to potential issues with their spinach. Apparently, 74,000 cases of frozen food were recalled due to potentially contaminated spinach, which was a potential listeria infection concern. (We should point out that no one reported any sign of illness after eating an Amy’s meal during this scare.) While it’s now years later and we assume that issue has been sorted, we were still a little hesitant to try this, even though it looks absolutely delicious.

The flavor, of course, is out of this world. The enchilada contains a wonderful blend of spinach and a creamy queso fresco. It’s quite a treat, even though it’s not necessarily what you might expect from an enchilada. In fact, this filling could almost be used in a stuffed pasta rather than an enchilada.

Amy's Spinach & Cheese Enchilada Verde Whole Meal

This comes wrapped in one of Amy’s organic corn tortillas, which are very good. Plus, there’s a little dribbling of verde sauce to enhance the flavor a bit. There’s not a ton of the stuff, but we’re not too disappointed because this enchilada tastes just fine without it.

The sides are nothing incredibly special, but they’re a welcome treat for anyone hoping for more than just an enchilada. There’s a mash of black beans, which are okay, and a side of rice. While the rice isn’t particularly mind-blowing, it has corn mixed in, which tastes amazing. This is some seriously fresh-tasting corn.

Even with all the included fixings, this meal only has 400 calories (120 from fat). We’d expect that from the enchilada alone, with a couple hundred more for the extras. But this offers a full meal without breaking the calorie bank, which we really appreciate.

Plus, this is vegetarian-friendly, as are all of Amy’s Kitchen’s meals, and it’s even gluten-free. Still, you might want to be careful, as it also contains 780 mg of sodium. It’s not the most sodium-filled frozen meal in the world, but 780 mg is nothing to scoff at.

The Amy’s Kitchen Spinach and Cheese Enchilada Verde Whole Meal is an excellent frozen dinner. It tastes great, it’s filling, and it’s not going to spoil a diet. It’s really hard to ask for anything more.

Oh, and we feel perfectly fine after eating this, so please don’t panic over news from 2015.

If you’re interested in learning more about this Amy’s Kitchen frozen meal, check out our package scans below.

Amy's Spinach & Cheese Enchilada Verde Whole Meal

Amy's Spinach & Cheese Enchilada Verde Whole Meal

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