Stouffer’s Mexican Style Lasagna Review

Stouffer's Mexican Style Lasagna

There’s nothing more traditionally Mexican than a huge plate of lasagna. Of course we’re kidding; we know that lasagna is an Italian dish, not a Mexican one. But that doesn’t mean lasagna can’t be made with a little added southwestern pizzazz. That’s the concept behind Stouffer’s Mexican Style Lasagna, anyway.

Now, when we did a Google search for this meal, the first auto-fill result we saw was “stouffers mexican lasagna discontinued.” We assume many people are looking this one up to see if it’s been discontinued, but we’re not sure why. We had no trouble locating this at our local grocery store, and we found no official announcement that this was no longer around. We also found it on the Stouffer’s website, so we have to assume they’re still selling it. Perhaps it just sells out very quickly.

Like most of the other microwavable lasagnas we’ve tried here at Freezer Meal Frenzy, this one has an excruciatingly long cook time. You must heat it for four minutes, then peel of the film that covers the dish, then cook for an additional three minutes. That’s seven whole minutes of cook time. Your stomach will likely be rumbling the entire time. Be careful; this comes out very, very hot, and we don’t want any of our lovely readers to burn their mouths on this. Even though you’re bound to be starving by the time this finishes cooking, be sure to let it cool for several minutes once you pull it out of the microwave.

Stouffer's Mexican Style Lasagna

So what is it exactly that makes this a Mexican-style lasagna rather than just a regular lasagna? Well, it replaces the marinara sauce with a Mexican-style meat sauce, and it replaces the stretchy mozzarella with a mozzarella-and-monterey-jack-infused cheese sauce. It also comes loaded with chile peppers, poblano peppers, bell peppers, black beans, and corn. And all of this is layered between ruffled lasagna noodles and sour cream. It’s actually pretty close to a burrito bowl with lasagna noodles instead of rice.

The meat sauce tastes quite a bit like a taco meat, which might not be something you’d expect from a lasagna. It’s very good though, and it’s hard to argue that it’s not the perfect choice for this dish.

We were a little worried about how the pasta might turn out here, but our worst fears went unrealized. The pasta doesn’t come out crunchy or dry around the edges; it cooks quite well. It’s maybe a tad bit rubbery, but it’s not bad enough that we feel the need to complain too vehemently. We just thought we’d point this out.

So is this spicy? Well, a little bit. We’d be comfortable saying it has a mild spice level. It won’t send you running for a cold glass of milk, but it might clear out your sinuses a bit. If you have a zero-tolerance policy for spice, you’ll want to stay away. Anyone else should be fine. Of course, those looking for a real eye-watering spice bomb won’t find it here.

Stouffer's Mexican Style Lasagna

This is actually lighter in calories than we expected. The box lists 360 calories, and that’s for the whole meal, not just half of it (unlike some of the sleazier Stouffer’s boxes). We expected 500 at least, so that’s definitely not bad. Of course, the down side is that this isn’t quite as filling as Stouffer’s more traditional Lasagna with Meat Sauce. This is also loaded with sodium, at 760 mg.

Stouffer’s Mexican-Style Lasagna is a really tasty Mexican-Italian hybrid. We just wish there were slightly more of it in a serving, because this feels just a tad small for us. If you cook this up, you might want to have a low-calorie side dish prepared to complement this.

To learn more about the nutrition content or ingredients in this frozen lasagna, check out our package scans below.

Stouffer's Mexican Style Lasagna

Stouffer's Mexican Style Lasagna

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