Red’s Canadian Bacon, Egg & Three Cheese Burrito Review

Red's Canadian Bacon, Egg & Three Cheese Burrito

Here at Freezer Meal Frenzy, we love to start off the day with a cup of coffee and a delicious breakfast burrito. That’s why we’re committed to reviewing as many of the things as we can. So today we’re venturing ever deeper into the Red’s line of frozen burritos to check out Red’s Canadian Bacon, Egg & Three Cheese Burrito.

We’ve had mixed experiences with Red’s breakfast burritos in the past, so we were really hoping this would be one of the good ones.

Now, we’ve grown quite comfortable with our special little method for heating burritos. But when it comes to Red’s, we have to abandon our comfort zone and use the directions on the package, because they’re a little finicky. First, you’ll need to preheat your oven to 375 degrees fahrenheit. Then, you’ll need to thaw the burrito in the microwave, covered, for a minute. When that’s done, you can place it on a greased cookie sheet and toss it into the oven for about 15 minutes (the package says 12-14, though we like to give ours just a little extra to make sure the tortilla gets golden-brown and crispy).

As you can see from our image below, this gets a little watery inside during the cooking process. While that might be a problem for some, we don’t think it’s a deal-breaker for us. After all, part of the reason it’s watery is because there’s so much uncured Canadian bacon jammed inside.

Red's Canadian Bacon, Egg & Three Cheese Burrito

The Canadian bacon tastes quite good. It has that traditional Canadian bacon sweetness, along with a fire-smoked flavor that really works for this burrito. This is some great-tasting stuff.

Aside from that, you’ve got some scrambled egg, which honestly lends quite a bit less flavor to this combo than you might expect. It’s not bad; it’s just that the meat portion has so much flavor that everything else just sort of falls by the wayside as far as flavor is concerned. The consistency is nice, though, as we mentioned earlier, the eggs end up a little watery due to all that piggy juice.

There’s a blend of pepper jack, mozzarella, and white cheddar, though we don’t think it does as much here as it does for some of Red’s other burritos. It gives the filling a creamy consistency that really makes the whole thing go down smoothly, but the flavor, again, is buried underneath that sweet, delicious bacon.

Now, is this a diet-friendly breakfast? Of course not. One burrito contains 340 calories (130 from fat) and 540 mg of sodium, and you’ll probably want to eat two of these because they’re so small. Those calories really start to add up, don’t they?

Red’s Canadian Bacon, Egg & Three Cheese Burrito is a winner for anyone who loves Canadian bacon. This is probably the best Canadian bacon we’ve ever had inside a burrito, in fact. Of course, we’d love to see this with a lower calorie count, but sometimes flavor trumps calories. This is a burrito to help you start your cheat days out on the right foot.

To learn more about the nutrition content or ingredients in this Red’s frozen breakfast burrito, check out our package scans below.

Red's Canadian Bacon, Egg & Three Cheese Burrito

Red's Canadian Bacon, Egg & Three Cheese Burrito

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