Archer Farms Petite Quiche Collection Review

Archer Farms Petite Quiche Collection

We’re big fans of Archer Farms omelette cups, which is why the Archer Farms Petite Quiche Collection immediately captured our attention. The box describes these goodies as “dramatic and delicious” as well as “effortless and elegant.” That seems a little theatrical for egg cups, but whatever. Our kitchen could probably use a little more melodrama! We were eager to see if these treats lived up to their electrifying description.

There are three varieties of quiche here: three cheese and onion, spinach and swiss, and mushroom and pepper. Describing the quiche as “petite” is definitely accurate; the individual cups are tiny. Thankfully, there are 12 treats here — more than enough food to satisfy your quiche cravings. Best of all, each individual cup is only 35 calories. Even if you wolf down the entire box on your own, that’s just 420 calories, which isn’t too bad for a big breakfast.

Archer Farms Petite Quiche Collection

Unlike the omelette cups, which can be cooked in the microwave in just under a minute, these goodies have to be baked in the oven. It takes about 15 minutes to cook everything up, and we had no issues during the cooking process. Because of the way the treats are packaged, you might want to cook everything at once. If you only cook up a few quiche bites, you’ll need to reseal everything in a freezer-safe bag afterward.

We probably wouldn’t describe this quiche with words like dramatic or elegant, but the word delicious is very apt. Each tiny quiche is contained in a thin, flaky pastry crust that adds a burst of buttery flavor to each bite. As mentioned above, there are three varieties of quiche here, and every flavor tastes fantastic.

Archer Farms Petite Quiche Collection

Our personal favorite is the mushroom and pepper quiche. The mushrooms have a meaty, smoky flavor, and the pepper gives the quiche just a hint of kick, making this the most flavorful of these three treats. The three cheese and onion quiche is a little plainer, but it’s also got a light, fluffy, almost omelette-like consistency to it. The baked spinach in the spinach and Swiss quiche has the perfect texture, and the slight sourness of the Swiss cheese is the perfect complement to the pastry crust and egg.

Whether you’re looking for some cute appetizers to serve at a party or want a frozen breakfast option that’s a little more fun, the Archer Farms Petite Quiche Collection is a collection of breakfast-y treats worth trying. We’re not quite sure it lives up to the promises on the packaging, but we really love it anyway. The next time you’re at Target, you should seek these breakfast pastries out.

To learn more about the nutrition content, ingredients, or cooking instruction for this selection of frozen quiche, check out our package scans below.

Archer Farms Petite Quiche Collection
Archer Farms Petite Quiche Collection
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